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In a month and a half, the Russian Federation transferred 402 armored vehicles, 256 tanks, 138 Gradov, 5 Bukov and 4 Dots-U to the terrorists to the Donbass, - the National Security and Defense Council (Infographics)

За полтора месяца РФ перебросила террористам на Донбасс 402 бронемашины, 256 танков, 138 Градов, 5 Буков и 4 Точки-У, - СНБО (Инфографика)

The National Security and Defense Council said that, in fact, Russia is importing into its convoys to the Donbass.

Well-known Russian "humanitarian" convoys are attracting media attention all over the world. In fact, their appearance is intended to divert attention from real convoys that cross the uncontrolled parts of the Ukrainian border every day, the National Security Council reports.

The National Security and Defense Council Information and Analytical Center published intelligence data on a continuous stream of military convoys supplying “living” power and heavy weapons to terrorists. Intelligence shows the amount of equipment that crosses the Russian-Ukrainian border in areas that are not controlled by Ukraine and does not carry out OSCE monitoring.

The largest number of convoys illegally crossed the border at the Izvarino checkpoint (Lugansk region), convoys also seep through the area around Korolyovka, part of the Korolyovka-Abyss border, some were seen in Dyakovo and Esaulovka settlements - all are located in the Luhansk region. In the Donetsk region there are also several locations of illegal entry, they are located in the Mariupol direction and pass through Maksimov and Veselo-Voznesenka in the Russian Federation, through the Uspenka checkpoint, and convoys penetrate into the depth of Donbass through the settlements of Dmitrovka and Dubrovka.

None of the above-mentioned settlements near the border or checkpoints are controlled by Ukraine, and the OSCE does not monitor. The mandate of the OSCE Observation Mission was limited to only two Russian checkpoints on the Russian-Ukrainian state border, Gukovo and Donetsk, Moscow repeatedly obstructed the decision to monitor the entire border in the ATO area by OSCE observers.

According to the report, 256 tanks, 138 Gradov, 402 armored vehicles, 35 self-propelled artillery mounts, 42 artillery guns, 5 Buk missile systems were recorded.

Also, 1 903 trucks, 205 cars and minibuses, 20 buses with personnel, 242 fuel tankers illegally entered the Donbass from Russia.

In addition, the movement of 4 Tochka-U tactical missile complexes, 4 Uragan multiple rocket launchers, 4 Buratino heavy flame-thrower systems, 5 Taran automated reconnaissance complexes, several Mercury-BM electronic warfare complexes, 3 radar complexes and one radar station.

За полтора месяца РФ перебросила террористам на Донбасс 402 бронемашины, 256 танков, 138 Градов, 5 Буков и 4 Точки-У, - СНБО (Инфографика)