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The war is full of rumors. The most hazy stories of confrontation in the South-East

Война слухами полнится. Самые туманные истории противостояния на Юго-Востоке

The confrontation in the South-East over time acquires its own "vague stories", to prove the authenticity or unreality of which is often very difficult.

"Just a passer-by - a black man"

In early March, from the first days of the conflict in the South-East, when there was no military confrontation, suspicious young people in the form of NATO appeared in Donetsk, who were actively discussed in social networks, posting the corresponding video.

Moreover, some strangers were dark-skinned, so it was difficult to call them Ukrainians or vice versa - Russians.

They also talked about the presence of mercenaries from the private American army Academi (formerly Blackwater) in the region.

Local residents said that the military was approximately 25 to 40 years old, moved by companies of two to five, and were quite free.

"The group includes representatives of different countries with their own military emblems and insignia. The Baltic countries, Poland, Hungary, France, there are representatives of Great Britain, Canada and the USA," they wrote in social networks.

Belarusian battalion

On May 9, the Vostok battalion arrived in Donetsk from Mariupol under Belarusian and Soviet battle flags.

It is reported that the Vostok battalion is a special unit of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, formed from former Chechen fighters.

Sniper Babai

In the battles for Kramatorsk, the militia blew up a Ukrainian military helicopter. According to eyewitnesses, a sniper shot from a grenade launcher made a colorful Babai.

“Climbing up on the roof of the house, he fired a weapon similar to a grenade launcher. Then Babay went downstairs, got into the UAZ car and calmly drove away,” people say.

Война слухами полнится. Самые туманные истории противостояния на Юго-Востоке

Earlier, a citizen of the Russian Federation Alexander Mozhayev was accused of collaborating with the Russian special services, but he categorically denied the rumors, saying that he had come to fight for ideological reasons.

Chechen front and Don Cossacks

Also, a video appeared in the network, allegedly confirming the presence of Chechen militants in the Donbas.

In particular, one of the plots was filmed by British journalists who visited Slavyansk.

Chechens are allegedly present in Gorlovka, Krasny Liman, Slavyansk and Donetsk.

In another video, one of the supporters of the Donetsk People's Republic said that 450 Don Cossacks and about three hundred volunteers from Chechnya arrived in the Krasny Liman.

In turn, the head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, on his instagram page noted that Chechens do not have a goal to fight in Ukraine, but they are not indifferent to events in our country.

“There are no Chechen battalions in Ukraine. The ruling junta is trying to write off its punitive operations in Slavyansk to the presence of Chechen battalions among defenders of the city. It’s absurd! If they were there, I assure you, those who make such statements would have long since fled not only from Slavyansk, but even from Kiev, which, in fact, they do not control. Please calm down Arsen Avakov and others, who see a Chechen in every dark-skinned man and shudder when they pronounce this word. If a man is dark, this does not mean that he is necessarily a Chechen It would be necessary he needs to know that there are both blue-eyed, and blond-haired, and red-skinned Chechens. As they say, fear has big eyes, "he said.

African Guard

Recently, representatives of the Luhansk People's Republic detained about twenty black students.

The head of the local counterintelligence agency, Vladimir Gromov, said that the detainees were "the guard unit from Africa."

Journalists with anti-aircraft guns

Just recently, the Ukrainian military detained two Russian journalists from LifeNews, Oleg Sidyakin and Marat Saychenko, during the anti-terrorist operation near Kramatorsk.

A few days later, the case went international, spawning a grave scandal.

Business card Yarosh and others

The militia and the Russian Federation have repeatedly accused the Right Sector in the sweeps in the Donbas. Supposedly, the fighters of Dmitry Yarosh under the guise of the National Guard of Ukraine are fighting in the South-East.

Dmitry Yarosh himself announced the mobilization and called for a guerrilla war, but denied participation in the antiterrorist operation.

"We do not conduct any separate military operations either in the east or in the south of Ukraine. The antiterrorist operation for the elimination of the anti-state uprising is conducted by the Antiterrorist Center, which includes various state power structures. The right-wing sector helps the state power structures, provides logistical support, intelligence information. Members of the Right Sector did not have unregistered weapons. The recent events in Donetsk and Odessa showed that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other security forces division can not be guarantors of the country's territorial integrity is necessary to intensify the work on the formation of volunteer units "-. he said.

We add that after one of the clashes near Slavyansk, Dmitry Yarosh’s business card was allegedly found on the battlefield.

This message has become a target for numerous jokes on the Internet among political opponents, who even created a website where anyone can print the business card of the leader of the Right Sector.

Война слухами полнится. Самые туманные истории противостояния на Юго-Востоке

Opposition black men

In Donbas, black men appeared who went into opposition to the self-proclaimed commander-in-chief of the Donetsk People's Republic.

Igor Girkin, who complained that the men of Donbass did not want to help the terrorists, and called for the help of women.

"Mobilization of women is an unworthy step for a man, a warrior. To hide behind the backs of the weaker is a method completely corresponding to their rotten essence. Ukrainians do not want to kill each other. Ukraine is indivisible, the Ukrainian people are one, and soon Ukrainians from the east will ignore the separatists against them, "the black men said.

Later in the network appeared a video of the collision of black men with militias, filmed by ViceNews correspondent Henry Langston.