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TSN got inside the Donetsk airport and shot a unique video of the battle "cyborgs"

ТСН попала внутрь Донецкого аэропорта и сняла уникальное видео боя киборгов

TSN correspondent Alexander Zagorodny managed to get inside the airport and show exclusive footage of what was left of the building.

The main news for this minute is our airport and the Ukrainian military continues to hold it, despite the fact that they are bombarded every hour.

In just half a day, our soldiers repelled two attacks by the separatists. The militants even managed to set fire to the terminal, there was very caustic smoke, the guys were literally choking because they could not leave the room, because snipers were shooting all around.

Getting to the airport is now extremely difficult. The entire runway was shot through by heavy machine guns, but the fighters of the 95th airmobile brigade in Cossack attacked the BMP, and the Right Sector generally in the UAZ rushed at full speed across the runway. Obviously, the terrorists simply did not expect this.

Only UAZ stopped near the terminal, it was immediately blown up, the guys managed to jump out, but all the products they brought to our soldiers were burned.

The Ukrainian military continues to retain what remains of the old terminal, as well as the first and second floors of the new terminal. Terrorists periodically go to the third floor and throw grenades at our fighters. They also go out through underground passages through the basement and then a battle ensues, but be that as it may, the Ukrainian military controls the airport.

“There has been such a joke here lately:“ The only thing that was done normally in Ukraine was the Donetsk airport. ”They are bombing, but it isn’t falling apart. The airport is holding normally. We are holding it completely,” one of the cyborgs said.