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Ukraine - no.

The government there is not legitimate, the devil knows who, we do not know them, and we do not see him point blank. There is the only legitimate president, Yanukovych, but he is not there either.

What is it, president, and there is no such state either. There was a state, but there was a revolution, the old state was canceled, and we still do not see a new one. As they say - lost state. It was, but lost somewhere.

And such a people - Ukrainians - no. Ukrainians are Russians, only small, Little Russians. They are like children, they play something, they want to eat, they love Putin very much. They must be taken care of. They need to be taught.

If there are any Ukrainians who want something, then this is Bandera. Bandera-it is the Nazis .. They jumped out of the great Patriotic war and captured the small, non-malevolent and cute, but unreasonable Russian children. We are at war with fascists.

This is for the masses. People truly sophisticated in world politics understand, of course, these are not real fascists. Comrade Stalin defeated the real fascists in 1945. And these are disadvantages. Which, of course, would not have happened if they had not been fed with cookies. So in essence they are Americans. The Americans who staged the Maidan and won back from us Ukraine, which is now gone. There is something, but it is not Ukraine. This is generally, if you think so, a country occupied by Bandera, that is, the Nazis, that is, the Americans. We are releasing her. In parts. That Crimea has already been released. From the Americans. Well, that is, from the Nazis. From Bandera.

Once again, there are no Ukrainians, but there are Bandera who are fascists, who are actually Americans. We are at war with them.

Very well, and we are fighting. We occupied Crimea with them, cunningly, as if not we, changed clothes and occupied. They are in response to what? But nothing. Sanctions, figures - their gut is thin, and again it will come out sideways to them, here. Bite where to go. By the way, this is not even a war at all. What war, where are the dead? There is no war. So, a peaceful occupation to show the Americans a fig in the process of defeating fascism.

How are they? Iraq, again here is Kosovo. Remember Kosovo? Do not remember? It’s very good that you don’t remember, we’ll tell you now, it means that it was exactly the same as ours, and the Americans were like us. And now we are just like Americans. They can, but we can not? They have occupied our Ukraine, Little Russia, the country where little Russians live, our country, in essence, and we must, in return, sit in a corner? But they will not respect us after that.

The horror is that all this he * nya gradually fills all the heads. Not only the enthusiasts of the occupation, but also those who are all across the throat. Here I am, for example. I’ve been like an idiot all day, I think that there are no sanctions, they will eventually hit me so painfully. The West, it harnesses for a long time, but travels quickly, but as soon as the borders are closed, deposits are frozen, so little will not seem. May the civilized world not be so easy to accept and come to terms with this disgrace.

He thinks the civilized world, and tells his uncivilized. Listen, these are all phantoms. The point is completely different.

The fact is that we, Russia, are fighting with Ukraine. Not with the civilized world, not with America, not with the fascists, namely with Ukraine. It is precisely with her, and not America, that we have snapped up a piece of territory. We are fighting for the fact that she rebelled against a swindler and a thief, and threw him to hell. We are fighting with her because Putin offered her $ 15 billion, and she spat in his face. We are fighting with her for what she wanted in Europe.

You can pretend as much as you like that all thinking Ukrainians are Bandera, fascists, anti-Semites and Russophobes, but this is nonsense, and we know that this is nonsense. Million people who went out in Kiev against Putin’s laws of Yanukovych - is that, Bandera? Well, who do you want to fool? Yourself?

Myself. You hope that this monstrous crime - the war of Russia against Ukraine - will somehow pass you by. Somehow it turns out that this case will go down in history not in that Putin occupied part of Ukraine in 2014 for its attempt to become a European country, but that he corrected historical injustice and returned Crimea, Sevastopol, Odessa, and even better Donetsk , Kharkov, further everywhere. But this does not work out.

In the historical perspective, this will not work, since the Ukrainians will now consolidate solely on confrontation with an external aggressor, and this aggressor is Russia. We occupied Hungary and Czechoslovakia, we forced Poland to carve itself - and what did they do then? They rushed from us to hell, and now we have no more staunch adversaries in Europe than these once our fraternal peoples. But to hell with it, with a historical perspective. It will be much worse right now when the Ukrainians begin to resist. Or do you think they will never start? We will shove and shove, and they sing songs in response? What is this about?

You will represent each killed Bandera, that is, a fascist, that is, an American? Long enough?

The main horror of Russia is not at all in sanctions, accounts, and visas, not in international isolation, not in militaristic hysteria, not that they will somehow respond to us in Syria or the devil knows where else. This is all garbage, it's nothing at all. The main horror of Russia is that UKRAINE IS. And Russia occupied its territory.

Grigory Revzin - journalist