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Secrets of ICQ. How can I remove myself from another user's contact list?

We continue to amuse our regular readers with useful finds in the software district. Today in line with us, as always always, the most popular Internet messenger ICQ, in the simplicity simply called "ICQ". We set ourselves a difficult, but very amusing task - to remove ourselves from the ICQ contact list of another user's ICQ. The tool will serve Miranda , an alternative ICQ client, known to many network users with its convenience, also easy extensibility.

in order to use the undocumented functions of ICQ-protocol, we will have to download the plug-in ISee, which we already encountered in the material "ICQ: how to see the invisible." If you have already installed this extension, then in any case, we recommend that you update it - in fact, since the last article was published, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, correspondingly, a lot of errors have been fixed. For those who have not yet installed "Miranda" and who are reluctant to spend their precious time on setting up plug-ins, we recommend a very good assembly of this customer, which contains all the necessary plug-ins, including ISee as well.

Now, after the launch of Miranda with our plug-in installed, it is allowed to take a breath, reconnoitre your contact list, schedule a military action, concentrate vzlyad on users, think about how they will miss your humble presence in their " ICQ.

So, the user, from the contact list of which we will unexpectedly disappear, is found. With a light mouse click on it, we also select "Delete me from this contact list."

After that a dialog box pops up asking us for confirmation of our actions.

Without a shadow of a doubt we agree, brushing off a tear-stained tear, we press "Yes". All, now the selected user at his next visit to "ICQ", will be pleasantly surprised by your lack. And in conclusion we note that this removal tool is functional only on the side of Internet users, whose messengers store contact lists on the ICQ server.