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How to make a simple video security system?

Security is never superfluous in any way, however, therefore, it will not become superfluous to consider a budget variation of building a security system based on a conventional computer with a webcam connected to it. Fortunately, now there are computers to eat in almost every building, but the cost of simple USB-cameras has fallen to the level of $ 15, thereby creating a friendly ground for the development of video conferencing and other multimedia network things.

It is clear that in addition to the hardware elements, we still need a software assistant, in whose face a fierce beast named EyeCU 2.2 Professional from JPC Software will appear. Naturally, programs of this kind are not free in any way; to acquire a license for the above product, you will have to fork out for $ 30 - mental silence requires sacrifice. What is the key feature of this wonderful weapon and why did we choose this program as an attentive guardian? The whole thing is that EyeCU 2.2 is activated only at the moment at which time a move is recorded in the camcorder. In addition, the program is very willing to respond to extraneous sounds (of course, this requires an external microphone) and at the first bla bla opportunity, it will write them in WAV format to the hard drive of your computer. Depending on the settings, all suspicious video frames are allowed to be saved as AVI clips or in separate JPEG images.

Another significant point is the notification of the remote user about occurring events. And also here EyeCU 2.2 illustrates itself in all its glory. The program allows you to send a message by e-mail, or to a pager, save the captured images to a remote FTP or HTTP server, but it is similar to launch any external application.

Summarizing the material, once again we will say a few words about the hardware share, we will also give some useful recommendations.

First of all, a computer. The EyeCU 2.2 application is not resource-demanding in any way, so any more or less productive machine with USB ports and a sound reward is suitable for work (the program allows you to audit 10 cameras at once, with settings for each). Secondly, do not forget about the extension cord for your webcam (you will have to hide it in some secluded place) as well as a microphone. Thirdly, make sure that the equipment you exhibited was elusive to others. And, in the end, if there were difficulties with the purchase due to the lack of an international credit card, we recommend that you turn to our material How to make a virtual credit card. " Good luck!