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Aquarium in the mobile phone

The total mobilization of all of them also led to the fact that a cell phone, if it is at least three times modern, you will hardly surprise anyone today. They are ringing all the same, the displays are also all colorful, of course, also other "bells and whistles" like they are not offended at all. Potential for "drawing", it would seem, is exhausted ... Ahn, no! To eat more gunpowder in the flasks, to ignite what is allowed with the help of the application "Aquamarine", in an instant, turning the mobile phone into a multimedia pocket pool. Already here to you precisely in any way does not become equal, however associates simply will burst with envy!

To install the program, any layout equipped with a color display also supports Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) technology. For efficiency, it is recommended to take a phone that meets MIDP 2.0 specification. Another version of "Aquamarine" as once is also designed to work with this profile. The size of the midlet is impressive - 200 KB, but there's nothing to be done - beauty requires sacrifice.

Later the first boot will have a little pokoldovat with the program also customize the elements of the future virtual pool. What is there just is not: also all kinds of structures, as well as corals alternating with different types of algae, but similar to shells, chests (probably with treasures), even reefs. Not forgotten also the main representatives of the aquatic fauna - fish. Is it really enough that dolphins with mermaids, of course, also those allowed to add or manually, unpacking aqua.jar also replacing the pictures in it on their own, or via the Internet, simply by inserting a link to the graphic file on the Web.

Sweeten all this fabulous idyll will help the soundtrack from music files, made according to personal preferences. It would be more logical to include something gurgling or, at the end, croaking. However, the fantasy will tell.
And how many practical applications this aquarium has! In addition to the individuality mentioned in the main paragraph, the program can be used by the sellers in the communication salons: by exposing such mobile dolphinariums to showcases, 2 it is guaranteed to achieve not only an influx of potential buyers, but also a growth in sales capacity. Plus, another unexpected application of "Aquamarine" will please the beautiful half of humanity, more precisely, those women whose husbands like to disappear on a fishing trip with friends. It is enough to install the program on the mobile phone of your favorite angler, and the spouse will forget about the fishing rod.


1. The procedure for replacing pictures in the JAR-archive is described in detail on the creator's page.
2. The main thing is to turn on the constant backlighting of the display, and do not forget to recharge the battery, since the Java interpreter is very eager up to energy.