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Online WAP-translators

Advantages of mobile WAP-dictionaries can not be counted: they are virtually always at hand, they know many languages, they can translate in different directions, they also keep on the crest of information technologies. Agree, an impressive set of qualities. So, down with the dusty paper Talmud, let's take a better look at the available online WAP-translators!

Having gained popularity in the computer environment, ABBYY decided to prioritize the mobile district as well. Moreover, according to the developers themselves, the online dictionary Lingvo offered by them has become a pioneer in the Russian WAP-net. The service provides translation from Russian (and back) into the following five languages: English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. The capacity of available articles is more than enough (includes 11 impressive vocabularies of the general lexicon of famous authors), but in case of difficulties, the "Show variants" button will help. Before the source of labor, it is recommended to read the help to the service (the menu "Important -> Help") also to include a link to the dictionary in the bookmarks - it will come in handy.

Another domestic service, this one from the company "PROMT", able to translate not only individual words, but also prescriptions. The number of translations for this service is a little more (in the amount of 15) than for the one considered above. And the presence of the Portuguese language will certainly please the linguists also football fans. Later, the service advises you to determine the interface language (Russian or English) as well as the translation rate. The results of the translation are certainly not as impressive as those of Lingvo, plus annoying ads. Recall that to enter the missing letters on the keyboard phone as impossible to place will have a button "Choose a letter."

In the asset of this "bassurman" WAP-service From language to language the following languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Turkish, "strangely enough, Russian. The user is given the opportunity to translate words and phrases in any course also from any language.

As for the quality of the translation, LangToLang, again, clearly folds before Lingvo also with some disregard for Russian words. However, many foreign software developments are known for problems with the Cyrillic alphabet. By the way, happy owners of mobile phones with i-mode support can use the link (although there is no "great also mighty").