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Full-fledged Russian Siri for iPhone / iPod 4 and ipad2 / ipad3


Полноценная Русская Siri

How to install Russian Siri on your device, this instruction will tell.

Instructions on how to install Russian Siri:

  1. You must run JailBreak on your device;
  2. Install SiriPort Russian (from the repo );
  3. Install the certificate off. certificate - >> Install << - ;
  4. We reboot the device;
  5. In the AnyVoice settings, set the Russian language ;
  6. We say hello and rejoice :)

Must be installed:

  1. SiriPort Russian Edition (Cydia);
  2. AnyVoice (automatically installed with Siri);
  3. Certificate siriport_ru_rus.pem (you can not delete the past)

ATTENTION: Save your key to the original Siri! just in case!

!!! UPDATE !!!

So the first day passed with the Russian Siri, many have already managed to try this miracle.

I think that today we have done a lot of work on Russian Siri and soon we will delight you with all the great functionality of your favorite Siri voice client!

Today I also managed to release the SiriPort Russian Edition 1.1-2 update in which I tried to fix many bugs that many experienced today, I also want to note that now it has become possible to automate the installation of Russian Siri on iPhone 4S without any problems!

Of course, as promised, the owners of the iPad (2) did not go unnoticed! Especially for them, a package was released that will fix all problems with the interface and will allow you to receive updates in the future without any difficulties!

In order to install on iPhone 4S the instructions are the same as for iPhone 4 / 3Gs / iPod`s Touch (For iPhone 4S the same SiriPort Russian Edition package) + Certificate + Russian Selection in AnyVoice settings

For iPad / iPad 2 users, you need to install SiriPort Russian Edition for iPad`s (along with it it will be installed: SiriPort + AnyVoice + Preferenceloader) + Certificate + Russian Selection in AnyVoice settings

You can download SiriPort Russian Edition and SiriPort Russian Edition for iPad`s from our repository