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1 Chronicles 20

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one A year later, at the time when the kings went out [to the war], Joab led the army out and began to ruin the land of the Ammonites, and came and besieged Rabbah. David remained in Jerusalem. Joab, having conquered Rabbi, destroyed her.
2 And David took the crown of their king from his head, and the talent of gold turned out to be weighty in him, and precious stones were on him; and he was laid on the head of David. And a lot of production carried out of the city.
3 And the people that were in him brought them out and put them to death with saws, iron threshers and axes. So did David with all the cities of the Ammonites, and David and all the people returned to Jerusalem.

4 After that, the war began with the Philistines in Gazer. Then Sovokhay Khushatyanin defeated Saf, one of the descendants of the Rephaim. And they pacified.
5 And again there was a war with the Philistines. Then Elkhanam, the son of Jairus, defeated Lahmiy, the brother of Goliath, Hephianinus, who had a spear shaft, like a weaver’s pile.
6 There was still a battle at Geth. There was one tall man who had six fingers, [all] twenty-four. And he was also from the descendants of Rephaim.
7 He reproached Israel, but Jonathan, the son of Shima, brother of David, struck him.
eight These were those born of Rephaim at Gath, and fell at the hand of David and the hand of his servants.

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