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2 Chronicles 17

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one And Jehoshaphat his son reigned in his stead; and he strengthened himself against the Israelites.
2 And he placed an army in all the fortified cities of Judea, and set up a guard army in the land of Judea and in the cities of Ephraim, which Asa his father possessed.
3 And the Lord was with Jehoshaphat, because he walked the first paths of David his father, and did not seek Baal,
four but he sought the God of his father, and did according to his commandments, and not according to the deeds of the Israelites.
5 And the Lord established the kingdom in his hand, and all Judah gave gifts to Jehoshaphat, and he had much wealth and glory.
6 And his heart was exalted in the ways of the Lord; moreover, he also abolished the heights of the oak groves in Judea.
7 And in the third year of his reign, he sent his princes Benhail and Ovadia, and Zechariah and Nathanael and Micah, so that they would teach the people in the cities of Judah,
8 and with them the Levites: Shemaiah and Nephaniah, and Zevadiah and Hazael, and Shemiramoth and Jonathan, and Adonia and Tobiah and Tov-Adonia, and with them Elisham and Joram, priests.
9 And they taught in Judea, having with them the book of the law of the Lord; And they went around all the cities of Judea and taught the people.

10 And there was the fear of the Lord in all the kingdoms of the lands that were around Judea, and did not fight against Jehoshaphat.
eleven And from the Philistines, Jehoshaphat brought gifts and tribute to silver; also the Arabians drove small cattle to him: rams seven thousand seven hundred and goats seven thousand seven hundred.
12 And Jehoshaphat rose more and more and built in Judea fortresses and cities for reserves.
13 He had many reserves in the cities of Judea, and in Jerusalem there were military men who were brave.
fourteen And here is a list of them according to their generations: Judah has the rulers of thousands: Adna is the ruler, and he has excellent soldiers of three hundred thousand;
fifteen Johanan the chief follows him, and he has two hundred eighty thousand;
16 after him, Amasiah, the son of Zichri, who devoted himself to the Lord, and he has two hundred thousand excellent soldiers.
17 Benjamin: an excellent warrior Eliad, and he has two hundred thousand armed with a bow and shield;
eighteen Jehovahsad is behind him, and he has one hundred eighty thousand armed soldiers.
19 Here are those who served the king, beyond those whom the king placed in fortified cities throughout Judea.

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