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Ecclesiastes 6

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1 There is evil that I saw under the sun, and it often happens between people:
2 God gives man wealth and property and glory, and for his soul there is no lack of anything that he would not wish; but God does not allow him to use it, but a stranger uses it: it is vanity and a grave affliction!
3 If a man had given birth to a hundred [children], and lived for many years, and the days of his life would have multiplied, but his soul would not have enjoyed the good and there would have been no burial for him, then I would have said: a miscarriage is happier than him,
4 because he came in vain and went into darkness, and his name is covered in darkness.
5 He did not even see and did not know the sun: he is more relaxed than that.
6 But he, even if he lived two thousand years and did not enjoy the good, will not everything go to one place?

7 All the labors of man are for his mouth, but his soul is not saturated.
eight What is the advantage of a wise man over a stupid one, which is a poor man who knows how to walk in front of the living?
nine Better to see with your eyes than to roam the soul. And it is also vanity and languor of spirit!
ten What exists has already been given a name, and it is known that this is a man, and that he cannot bicker with someone who is stronger than him.

eleven There are many things that multiply the fuss: what is better for a person?
12 For who knows what is good for a person in life, all the days of his vain life, which he spends as a shadow? And who will tell a person what will happen after him under the sun?

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