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Exodus 22

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one If someone steals an ox or a sheep and kills or sells, then five oxen will pay for the ox and four sheep for the sheep.
2 If [someone] catches the thief digging up and hits him so that he dies, then the blood will not [be counted] for him;
3 but if the sun has risen above him, then [he shall be] charged with blood. [Stolen] must pay; and if there’s nothing, then let him be sold [for payment] for what he stole;
4 if the stolen is found in his hands alive, whether an ox, or a donkey, or a sheep, let him pay twice.
5 If someone poisons the field, or the vineyard, letting his cattle poison the alien field, let him reward the best of his field and the best of his vineyard.
6 If a fire appears and engulfs the turn and burns out the shocks, or the harvest, or the field, then he must pay who made this fire.

7 If someone gives silver and things to his neighbor for preservation, and they are stolen from his house, then if there is a thief, let him pay twice;
eight and if there is no thief, let the master of the house come before the judges [and swear] that he has not stretched out his hands on the property of his neighbor.
nine About every controversial thing, about will, about a donkey, about a sheep, about clothes, about every thing lost, about which someone will say that she is his, the case of both should be brought to the judges: whoever the judges are accused of will pay his neighbor twice .
ten If someone gives his neighbor a donkey, or an ox, or a sheep, or some other cattle for saving, but he dies, or is damaged, or taken away, so that no one sees this, -
eleven an oath before the Lord be between both that [he who took] did not stretch out his hands on the property of his neighbor; and the owner must accept, but [he] will not pay;
12 and if he is stolen from him, he must pay his master;
thirteen if it is torn [beast], then let it be torn to pieces as evidence: he does not pay for the torn.
fourteen If someone takes livestock from his neighbor, and he is damaged, or dies, and his master was not with him, then he must pay;
fifteen if his master was with him, he should not pay; if he was hired for money, then let him go for that price.

sixteen If someone deceives an untamed girl and sleeps with her, let him give her a vein [and take her] as his wife;
17 and if the father does not agree to give her away for him, let him pay [as much] silver as [rely] on the vein to the girls.
18 Do not leave sparrows alive.
19 Every cattleman shall be put to death.
twenty He who sacrifices to the gods, except the Lord alone, may be destroyed.
21 Do not oppress the alien or oppress him, for you yourself were aliens in the land of Egypt.
22 Do not oppress the widow or the orphan;
23 if you oppress them, then when they cry to Me, I will hear their cry,
24 and My anger will be kindled, and I will kill you with the sword, and your wives and widows and your children will be orphans.

25 If you lend money to the poor of my people, then do not oppress him and do not impose growth on him.
26 If you take your neighbor’s clothing as collateral, return it before the sun goes down,
27 for she is his only cover, she is the garment of his body: what will he sleep in? so when he cries out to me, I will hear, for I am merciful.
28 Judges do not slander, and do not blaspheme the ruler among your people.
29th Do not hesitate [to bring me] the firstfruits from your threshing floor and from your sharpener; give me the firstborn of your sons;
thirty do the same with your ox and with your sheep. seven days let them be with their mother, and on the eighth day give them to Me.
31 And you shall be holy men with me; and do not eat meat torn by the beast in the field, throw it to the dogs.

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