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Exodus 38

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1 And he made the altar of burnt offering of shittim wood five cubits long and five cubits wide, a quadrangular, three cubits high;
2 and he made horns at his four corners, so that horns came out of him, and overlaid it with copper.
3 And he made all the accessories of the altar: pots, shovels, bowls, forks and squares; he made all his accessories of copper.
4 And he made for the altar a lattice, a kind of net, of copper, on the outskirts of it below to half of it;
5 and made four rings at the four corners of a copper grate for nesting poles.
6 And he made poles of acacia wood, and overlaid them with copper.
7 and he put the staves in the rings on the sides of the altar, to carry it by them; empty inside of the boards made it.
eight And he made a copper basin and its base made of copper with graceful images adorning the entrance of the tabernacle of the congregation.

nine And he made the court: from the midday side, to the south, curtains of fine linen, a hundred cubits long;
ten twenty pillars for them, and twenty foots of copper for them; hooks at the posts and their ties of silver.
eleven And on the north side - [veils] a hundred cubits; twenty pillars for them, and twenty foots of copper for them; hooks at the posts and their ties of silver.
12 And on the west side there are curtains of fifty cubits, ten pillars for them and ten foots to them; hooks at the posts and their ties of silver.
13 And from the front to the east - [curtains] of fifty cubits.
fourteen For one side [the gate of the court] there are curtains of fifteen cubits, three pillars for them, and three sockets for them;
fifteen and on the other hand, veils of fifteen cubits, three pillars for them, and three sockets for them.
16 All the curtains in all directions of the courtyard of fine linen
17 and the foot of the pillars of copper, the hooks of the pillars and their ties of silver; their tops are lined with silver, and all the pillars of the courtyard are connected by silver ties.
18 The curtain for the gates of the courtyard is patterned of blue, purple, and scarlet [wool] and fine twined linen, twenty cubits long, five cubits high, throughout, like curtains of the courtyard;
19 and there were four pillars for it, and four brass bases for them; their hooks are silver, and their tops are lined with silver, and their ties are silver.
20 All the stakes around the tabernacle and the courtyard are copper.

21 Here is the calculus of what was used for the tabernacle of revelation, made at the command of Moses, through the Levites under the supervision of Ithamar the son of Aaron the priest.
22 He did everything that the Lord commanded Moses, Rejoices, the son of Uriah, the son of Ora, from the tribe of Judah,
23 and with him Agoliav, the son of Ahisamah, from the tribe of Dan, a carver and a skilled weaver and embroidery on blue, purple, scarlet, and fine linen.
24 There were twenty-nine talents and seven hundred and thirty shekels, sacred shekels, of the gold used in the work on all the accessories of the sanctuary, the gold brought as a gift;
25 silver from the number of [persons] of society a hundred talents and one thousand seven hundred seventy-five shekels, shekels of the holy;
26 from six hundred and three thousand five hundred and fifty people, each of whom entered the calculus, from twenty years or more, half a cycle per person, counting the sacred shekel.
27 One hundred talents of silver were used to pour out the foots of the sanctuary and the foots of the veil; one hundred foots out of a hundred talents, according to talent on the foot;
28 and of the thousand seven hundred and seventy-five [shekels] he made hooks at the pillars, and covered their tops and made bonds for them.
29th The copper brought as a gift was seventy talents and two thousand four hundred shekels;
thirty from it he made the foot [for pillars] at the entrance to the tabernacle of testimony, and the altar of brass, and the grate of brass for him, and all the vessels of the altar,
31 and the foot [for the pillars] of the whole court, and the foot [for] [the pillars] of the gate of the court, and all the stakes of the tabernacle and all the stakes around the courtyard.

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