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Ezekiel 45

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1 When you divide the land by lot by lot, then divide the sacred site to the Lord in twenty five thousand [reeds] length and ten thousand width; may this place be holy in all its volume, around.
2 A quadrangle of five hundred [reeds] around will depart from it to the sanctuary, and around it an area of ​​fifty cubits.
3 From this measure, measure twenty-five thousand [reeds] long and ten thousand wide, where the sanctuary, the Holy of Holies, will be located.
4 This sacred part of the land will belong to priests, ministers of the sanctuary, who begin to serve the Lord: this will be for them a place for houses and a shrine for the sanctuary.
5 Twenty-five thousand [reeds] of length and ten thousand of breadth will belong to the Levites, the servants of the temple, as their possession for their dwelling.
6 And in the possession of the city, give five thousand breadths and twenty-five thousand thousand lengths, against the sacred place separated to the Lord; it must belong to the whole house of Israel.
7 And to the prince [give] a share on both sides, both near the sacred place, separated by [the Lord], and near the city possessions, west from the west side and east from the east side, along with one of these inheritances from the western limit to the east.
eight This is his land, his possession in Israel, so that My princes will not push My people forward and that they will provide land to the house of Israel according to its tribes.

nine Thus says the Lord God: the princes of Israel are enough for you! set aside offenses and oppressions and do justice and righteousness; stop crowding out My people from their possession, says the Lord God.
ten May you have the right scales and the right eph and the right baht.
eleven Ephah and baht must be of the same measure, so that the baht contains the tenth of the homer and the ephah the tenth of the homer; their measure should be determined by the homer.
12 There are twenty ger in the cycle; and twenty shekels, twenty five shekels, and fifteen shekels will be mine.

13 Here is the tribute that you must give [to the prince]: the sixth part of the ephah from the homer of wheat and the sixth part of the ephah from the homer of barley;
fourteen decree on the fir: from the bark of the oil a tenth of the baht; ten baht [will make up] the homer, because there are ten baht in the homer;
fifteen one sheep from a herd of two hundred sheep from the fat pasture of Israel: all this for the offering of the bread and the burnt offering, and the thanksgiving sacrifice, to cleanse them, says the Lord God.
16 All the people of the earth are obligated to make this offering to the prince in Israel.
17 And the burnt offering and the offering of bread, and the libation on the holidays and in the new months, and on Saturdays, during all the celebrations of the house of Israel will be on the prince's duties; he will have to offer a sin offering and a grain offering, and a burnt offering, and a thanksgiving sacrifice to cleanse the house of Israel.
18 Thus says the Lord God: in the first [month], on the first [day] of the month, take the calf from the herd of oxen without blemish, and cleanse the sanctuary.
19 Let the priest take the blood from this sacrifice for sin and sprinkle it on the faiths of the temple and on the four corners of the platform near the altar and on the faith of the gates of the courtyard.
20 Do the same in the seventh [day] of the month for those who sin, intentionally and for simplicity, and so clean the temple.
21 In the first [month], on the fourteenth day of the month, you should have Easter, a seven-day holiday when you should eat unleavened bread.
22 On this day, the prince will sacrifice the calf for sin and for all the people of the earth.
23 And on these seven days of the feast, he should offer seven bullocks and seven rams without blemish as a burnt offering to the Lord every day, and a goat from a goat herd every day for a sin offering.
24 He must bring the offering of bread by eph to the calf, and by the eph to the ram, and by the gyne of oil to the eph.
25 In the seventh [month], on the fifteenth day of the month, on a holiday, within seven days, he should offer the same thing: the same sacrifice for sin, the same burnt offering, and the same amount of the bread offering and the same amount of oil.

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