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Genesis 44

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1 And [Joseph] ordered the ruler of his house, saying: Fill the bags of these people with food as much as they can carry, and put each silver in the opening of his bag,
2 And put my cup, silver cup, in the opening of the bag to the youngest, along with silver for the bread he bought. And he did according to the word of Joseph, which he said.
3 In the morning, when dawn, these people were released, they and their asses.
4 They had not yet gone far from the city, as Joseph said to the chief of his house: go, catch up with these people, and when you catch up, tell them: why did you pay evil for good?
5 Isn't that the one my lord drinks from and he wonders at her? You have done it poorly.
6 He caught up with them and told them these words.
7 They said to him: Why does our lord say such words? No, your slaves will not do such a thing.
eight Behold, the silver that we found in the opening of our sacks, we returned to you from the land of Canaan: how can we steal silver or gold from the house of your master?
nine Whose of your servants is found, that death is, and we will be slaves to our master.
ten He said: good; as you said, so let it be: whoever has [the cup] will be my slave, and you will not be guilty.
eleven They hurriedly lowered each of their sacks to the ground and opened each of their sacks.
12 He searched, started with the eldest and graduated from the younger; and a cup was found in the bag of Benjamin.
13 And they tore their clothes, and putting each burden on their donkey, they returned to the city.
fourteen And Judah and his brothers came to the house of Joseph, who was still at home, and fell before him to the earth.
fifteen Joseph told them: what did you do? didn’t you know that a person like me, of course, guesses?
16 Judah said: What shall we say to our lord? what should I say? how to make excuses? God has found the unrighteousness of your servants; behold, we are slaves to our lord, and we, and the one in whose hands the cup was found.
17 But [Joseph] said: no, I will not do this; the one in whose hands the cup was found will be my slave, and you go in peace to your father.

18 And Judah came to him and said: my lord, let your servant say a word in the ears of my master, and do not be angry with your servant, for you are the same as Pharaoh.
19 My lord asked his slaves, saying: Do you have a father or brother?
20 We told our lord that we have an elderly father, and the youngest son, the son of old age, whom his brother died, and he was left alone [from] his mother, and his father loves him.
21 But you said to your servants: bring him to me, so that I can look at him.
22 We told our lord: the lad cannot leave his father, and if he leaves his father, this one will die.
23 But you said to your servants: if your younger brother does not come with you, then you will no longer appear on my face.
24 When we came to your servant, our father, we told him the words of my master.
25 And our father said: go again, buy us some food.
26 We said: we cannot go; but if our little brother is with us, then let us go; because we cannot see the faces of that person unless our smaller brother is with us.
27 And your servant our father told us: you know that my wife bore me two [sons];
28 one went from me, and I said: surely he was torn to pieces; and I have not seen him until now;
29th even if you take this from my eyes, and misfortune happens to him, you will bring my gray hair with sorrow to the grave.
thirty Now, if I come to your servant, our father, and there will be no lad with us, with whose soul his soul is bound,
31 then he, seeing that there is no lad, will die; and your servants will bring the gray hair of your servant our father with sorrow to the grave.
32 Moreover, I, your servant, undertook to answer for the lad to my father, saying: if I do not bring him to you, then I will remain guilty before my father all the days of my life.
33 So let me, thy servant, instead of a lad, remain a slave to my master, and let a lad go with his brothers:
34 for how will I go to my father when the lad will not be with me? I would see a calamity that befell my father.

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