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Avvakum 2

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one I became my guard and, standing on the tower, watched to find out what He would say in me, and what should I answer for my complaint?
2 And the Lord answered me and said: write down the vision and draw clearly on the tablets so that the reader can read easily,
3 for the vision dates back to a certain time and speaks of the end and does not deceive; and even if it’s slowed down, wait for it, for it will certainly come true, will not be canceled.
4 Behold, the arrogant soul will not rest, but the righteous by his faith will live.

5 An arrogant man, like a wandering wine, does not calm down, so that he expands his soul like hell, and like death he is insatiable, and gathers all nations to himself, and captures all the tribes.
6 But will not all of them utter a parable and a mocking song about him: `Woe to him who enriches himself not with his own without measure - for how long? - and burdens himself with pledges! '
7 Won't all those tormenting you suddenly rise up, and robbers rise up against you, and you get them to plunder?
eight Since you have robbed many nations, you will be robbed by all other nations for the shedding of human blood, for the ruin of the country, city and all those living in it.
nine Woe to him who thirsts for unrighteous acquisitions for his house in order to build his nest on high and thereby protect himself from the hands of misfortune!
ten You invented dishonor for your house, destroying many nations, and sinned against your soul.
eleven The stones from the walls will cry out and the crossbars made of wood will answer them:
12 `Woe to the builder of the city on blood, and the builder of the fortress untruth! '
thirteen Now, is it not from the Lord of hosts that the peoples work for fire and the tribes torment themselves in vain?
fourteen For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters fill the sea.

fifteen Woe to you who serve your neighbor a drink mixed with your wickedness and make him drunk to see his shame!
sixteen You were fed up with shame instead of glory; drink it and you show shame, - the cup of the right hand of the Lord and shame on your glory will also turn to you.
17 For your evil in Lebanon will fall upon you for the extermination of terrified animals, for the shedding of human blood, for the devastation of the country, city and all who live in it.
18 What is the use of the idol made by the artist, this litago false teacher, although the sculptor, making dumb idols, relies on his work?
19 Woe to the one who says to the tree: `Get up! ' and a dumb stone: `` wake up! '' Will he teach anything? Now, it is lined with gold and silver, but there is no breath in it.
twenty But the Lord is in His holy temple: let all the earth be silent before His face!

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