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Hosea 5

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1 Listen to this, priests, and heed the house of Israel, and bow your ear, the house of the king; for you will be judged, because you were a trap in Massiph and a net spread out on Tabor.
2 They are deeply mired in debauchery; but I will punish all of them.
3 Ephraim I know, and Israel is not hidden from Me; for you are fornication, Ephraim, and Israel is defiled.
4 Their deeds do not allow them to turn to their God, for the spirit of fornication is within them, and they did not know the Lord.
5 And the pride of Israel is humbled in their eyes; and Israel and Ephraim will fall from their wickedness; and Judah will fall with them.
6 With their sheep and their oxen they will go seek the Lord and will not find Him: He has departed from them.
7 They cheated on the Lord because they gave birth to strange children; now a new month will eat them with their belongings.

eight Trumpet the horn in Gibeah, the trumpet in Rama; proclaim in Beth-- Aven: `` after you, Benjamin! ''
nine Ephraim will become a desert on the day of punishment; between the tribes of Israel I have declared this.
ten The leaders of Judah became like moving borders: I will pour out My anger upon them, like water.
eleven Oppressed Ephraim, struck down by the court; for he wanted to go after the vain.
12 And I will be like a moth for Ephraim, and like a worm for the house of Judah.
13 And Ephraim saw his sickness, and Judah his wound, and Ephraim went to Assur, and sent unto king Jareus; but he cannot heal you, nor heal you from a wound.
fourteen For I am like a lion for Ephraim and as a skimen for the house of Judah; I, I will tear apart, and leave; I’ll carry it away, and no one will save.
fifteen I will go and return to My place, until they plead guilty and seek My face.

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