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Hosea 7

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1 When I healed Israel, the unrighteousness of Ephraim and the evil of Samaria were revealed: for they act deceitfully; and a thief enters, and a robber robs the streets.
2 They do not think in their heart that I remember all their atrocities; now their affairs surround them; they are before my face.
3 With their wickedness they amuse the king and with their deceit - the princes.
4 All of them burn with adultery, like a stove melted by a baker, who ceases to burn it when he kneads the dough and it turns sour.
5 `The day of our king! ' [say] the princes, heated up to the sickness with wine, and he reaches out to blasphemers.
6 For they by their treachery make their heart like a furnace: their baker sleeps all night, and in the morning she burns like a blazing fire.
7 They are all burning like a stove, and devour their judges; all their kings fall, and none of them calls to Me.

eight Ephraim mingled with the nations; Ephraim became like unbroken bread.
nine Aliens devoured his power and he did not notice; gray hair covered him, but he does not know.
ten And the pride of Israel is humbled in their eyes, and for all that they did not turn to the Lord their God and did not seek him.
eleven And Ephraim became like a foolish dove, without a heart: the name of the Egyptians, they went to Assyria.
12 When they go, I will throw My net upon them; as the birds of heaven I will overthrow them; I will punish them, as their assembly heard.
13 Woe to them that they have departed from Me; death to them, that they fell away from Me! I saved them, and they spoke lies against Me.
fourteen And they did not cry out unto Me with their hearts, when they cried out on their beds; they gather for bread and wine, but they are removed from Me.
fifteen I admonished [them] and strengthened their muscles, and they plotted evil against Me.
16 They addressed, but not to the Almighty, became - like an unfaithful bow; their princes will fall by the sword for the insolence of their tongue; it will be a mockery of them in the land of Egypt.

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