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Isaiah 17

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1 The prophecy of Damascus. - Here, Damascus is excluded from the [number of] cities and will be a pile of ruins.
2 The cities of Aroer will be abandoned, will remain for the herds that will rest there, and no one will scare them.
3 The stronghold of Ephraim and the kingdom of Damascus with the rest of Syria will not become; with them will be the same as with the glory of the sons of Israel, says the LORD of hosts.
4 And it will be that day: the glory of Jacob will be diminished, and his fat body will become skinny.
5 It will be the same as in the collection of bread by the reaper, when his hand reaps the ears, and when the ears are gathered in the valley of Rephaim.

6 And they will remain with him, as happens when upholstering olives, two or three berries on the very top, or four or five on fruitful branches, says the Lord, the God of Israel.
7 On that day a man will turn his gaze to his Creator, and his eyes will be fixed on the Holy One of Israel;
eight and he will not look at the altars, at the work of his hands, and will not look at what his fingers did, at the idols of Astarte and Baal.

nine On that day his fortified cities will be like ruins in the forests and on the tops of the mountains left before the sons of Israel - and it will be empty.
ten For you forgot the God of your salvation, and did not remember the rock of your refuge; therefore, he spread amusement gardens and planted cuttings from a strange vine.
eleven On the day of your planting, you took care that it grows and that what you sowed blossomed early; but on the day of the gathering there will not be a lot of harvest, but cruel grief.

12 Alas! the noise of many peoples! they roar, like the sea roars. The roar of the tribes! they howl like strong waters.
13 The peoples roar as strong waters roar; but He threatened them and they ran far away, and were persecuted like dust in the mountains from the wind and like dust from a whirlwind.
fourteen Evening - and here is the horror! and before morning it is no more. Such is the fate of our robbers, the lots of our destroyers.

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