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Isaiah 21

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one Prophecy of the seaside desert. - As storms rush in the south, it comes from the desert, from the terrible land.
2 Terrible vision is shown to me: a robber robbing, a devastator devastating; ascend, Elam, besiege, Mead! I will put an end to all lamentations.
3 My loins are shaking from this; torment grabbed me like giving birth. I am excited at what I hear; I am embarrassed by what I see.
4 My heart trembles; trembling beats me; my gratifying night turned into horror for me.
5 They prepare a table, spread bedspreads, eat, drink. `Get up, princes, smear your shields! '
6 For thus saith the Lord unto me: Go, put a watchman; let him say what he sees.
7 And he saw horse riders riding in pairs, riders on donkeys, riders on camels; and he listened diligently, with great attention, -
eight and cried out, [like] a lion: my lord! I stood guard all day, and remained in my place all night:
nine and now, people ride, horseback riders in pairs. Then he exclaimed and said: Fallen, Babylon has fallen, and all the idols of his gods are broken on the ground.
ten Oh, my grinded son of my threshing floor! What I heard from the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, I announced to you.

eleven Prophecy of the Duma. - They shout to me from Seir: the watchman! how many nights? watchman! how many nights?
12 The watchman replies: morning is approaching, but still night. If you are urgently asking, then contact and come.

thirteen The prophecy of Arabia. - Spend the night in the Arabian forest, Dedan caravans!
fourteen Living in the land of Femai! bring water towards the thirsty; meet the runners with bread,
fifteen for they flee from swords, from a naked sword, and from a bow pulled, and from the fierce war.
sixteen For thus saith the Lord to me: another year equal to the year of the mercenary, and all the glory of Kidarov will disappear,
17 and the bold sons of Kidar will have few bows: the Lord the God of Israel said so.

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