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Isaiah 50

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1 Thus says the Lord: where is your mother’s divorce letter with which I let her go? or which of My creditors have I sold you? Behold, you are sold for your sins, and your mother is released for your crimes.
2 Why, when I came, there was nobody, and when I called, no one answered? Has My hand become short in order to deliver, or is there no power in Me to save? Behold, by My repentance, I dry up the sea, I turn rivers into a desert; the fish in them rot from a lack of water and die of thirst.
3 I clothe the heavens with darkness, and I cover them with sackcloth.

4 The Lord God gave Me the tongue of the wise, so that I could in a word reinforce the exhausting one; every morning He awakens, awakens My ear, so that I listen, like students.
5 The Lord God opened My ear, and I did not resist, did not step back.
6 I have betrayed My backbone to the beating, and My Lanites to the smitten; I did not hide My face from reproach and spitting.
7 And the Lord God helps Me: therefore I am not ashamed, therefore I hold My face like a flint, and I know that I will not remain in shame.
eight Close justifies Me: who wants to compete with Me? stand together. Who wants to sue me? let him come to me.
nine Behold, the Lord God helps Me: who will condemn Me? Now, all of them, like clothes, are dilapidated; the mole will eat them.

ten How many of you are afraid of the Lord, obey the voice of his servant? Whoever walks in darkness, without light, may he trust in the name of the Lord and may he be established in his God.
eleven Here, all of you who kindle fire, armed with incendiary arrows, - go to the flame of your fire and arrows that are red-hot by you! It will be to you at My hand; in torment die.

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