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Judges Book 5

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1 That day, Deborah and Barak the son of Avinoam sang, with these words:
2 Israel avenged, the people showed zeal; glorify the Lord!
3 Listen, kings, listen, nobles: I am to the Lord, I sing, I rattle to the Lord God of Israel.
4 When you, Lord, came out from Seir, when you came from the field of Edom, then the earth shook, and the sky was dripping, and the clouds spilled water;
5 the mountains melted on behalf of the Lord, even this Sinai on behalf of the Lord God of Israel.

6 In the days of Samegar the son of Anath, in the days of Jael, the roads were empty, and those who used to walk in straight paths then went by roundabout roads.
7 There were no inhabitants in the villages of Israel, no more, until I rebelled, Deborah, until I, my mother, rebelled.
eight New gods were chosen, therefore the war at the gates. Was the shield and spear visible in forty thousand Israel?
nine My heart is to you, the rulers of Israel, to the zealots of the people; glorify the Lord!
ten Riding white donkeys, sitting on carpets and walking along the road, sing a song!
eleven Among the voices gathering herds at the wells, let them sing praise to the Lord, praise to the leaders of Israel! Then the people of the Lord came to the gates.

12 Perk, perk, Deborah! rise, rise! sing a song! Rise, Barak! and lead thy captives, son of Abinoam!
13 Then He subjugated the people to the few of the strong; The Lord subjugated the brave to me.
fourteen From Ephraim came rooted in the land of Amalek; Benjamin is among you among your people; rulers came from Mahir, and from Zebulun they owned the scribe's cane.
fifteen And the princes of Issacharov and Deborah, and Issachar, like Barak, rushed into the valley on foot. In the tribes of the Reubenites there is great disagreement.
16 Why are you sitting between the shepherds listening to the bleating of the herds? In the tribes of the Reubenites there is great disagreement.
17 Gilead lives [quietly] beyond the Jordan, and why should Dan be afraid of the ships? Asher sits on the seashore and lives quietly at his piers.
18 Zebulun is a people who condemned his soul to death, and Naphtali on the heights of the field.
19 The kings came and fought, then the kings of Canaan fought in Fana'ah at the waters of Megiddon, but did not receive much silver.
20 They fought from heaven, stars from their paths fought with Sisera.
21 The Kisson stream carried them away, the Kedumim stream, the Kisson stream. Trample, my soul, power!
22 Then the horse's hooves broke from the escape, from the flight of his mighty ones.
23 Curse Meroz, says the Angel of the Lord, curse, curse his inhabitants for not coming to help the Lord, to help the Lord with the brave.

24 May Jael the wife of Heber the Kenyan be blessed between the wives, blessed be between the wives in the tents!
25 He asked for water: she served milk, in a bowl of grandees brought the best milk.
26 She extended her [left] hand to the stake, and her right hand to the hammer of the workers; hit Sisera, hit his head, smashed and pierced his temple.
27 He bowed at her feet, fell and lay, bowed at her feet, fell; where he bowed, there he fell slain.
28 Sisarin's mother peers out and yells out the window through the bars: that his cavalry does not go for long, that the wheels of his chariots are slow?
29th Clever of her women answer her, and she herself answers her words:
thirty true, they found, divide the booty, according to the damsel, two girls for each warrior, the booty received multi-colored [clothing] Sisera, the obtained booty multi-colored clothing, embroidered on both sides, taken from the prisoner's shoulders.
31 So may all your enemies perish, Lord! Those who love Him [yes] [will be] like the sun rising in all its strength! --And the land rested for forty years.

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