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Jeremiah 20

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1 When Paschor the son of Emmer, the priest, who was also the overseer in the house of the Lord, heard that Jeremiah prophetically uttered these words,
2 then Paschor struck Jeremiah the prophet and put him in the deck, which was at the upper gate of Benjamin at the house of the Lord.
3 But the next day, Paschor released Jeremiah from the deck, and Jeremiah said to him: it was not `` Easter '' that the Lord called your name, but `` Magor Missaviv. ''
4 For thus says the Lord: Behold, I will make you a terror for you and for all your friends, and they will fall from the sword of their enemies, and your eyes will see it. And I will give all Judah into the hands of the king of Babylon, and he will take them to Babylon, and smite them with the sword.
5 And I will deliver all the riches of this city and all its acquisitions, and all its jewels; and I will give all the treasures of the kings of Judah into the hands of their enemies, and plunder them and take them, and send them to Babylon.
6 And you, Paschor, and all who live in your house, will go captive; and you will come to Babylon, and there you will die, and there you will be buried, you and all your friends to whom you prophesied falsely.

7 You attracted me, Lord, - and I am passionate; You are stronger than me - and overcame, and every day I laugh, everyone scoffs at me.
eight For as soon as I begin to speak, I am crying out for violence, a cry for ruin, because the word of the Lord has turned into a reproach to me and into everyday mockery.
nine And I thought: `I will not remind of Him, and I will no longer speak in His name '; but it was in my heart, as if a burning fire, enclosed in my bones, and I languished, holding it, and could not.
ten For I have heard the rumors of many: threats around; “declare, [they said] [they], and we shall denounce.” Everyone who lived with me in the world is watching me if I stumble: “maybe [they say], he will fall, and we will overcome him and take revenge on him.”
eleven But with me the Lord, as a strong warrior; therefore, my persecutors will stumble and not prevail; they will be very shameful because they acted unreasonably; shame will be eternal, never forgotten.
12 Lord of strength! You experience the righteous and see the inside and the heart. May I see Thy vengeance over them, for I have entrusted you with my work.
13 Sing to the Lord, praise the Lord, for He saves the soul of the poor from the hands of villains. -

fourteen Damned the day I was born! the day on which my mother gave birth to me, may he not be blessed!
fifteen Cursed is the man who brought the news to my father and said: 'You have a son,' [and] he was very pleased with it.
16 And let it be with that man that with the cities that the Lord destroyed and did not regret; may he hear a cry in the morning and a sob at noon
17 because he did not kill me in the womb — so that my mother would be my grave, and her womb would remain forever pregnant.
18 Why did I come out of the womb to see the labors and sorrows, and so that my days would disappear in dishonor?

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