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Job 27

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1 And Job continued his exalted speech and said:
2 God is alive, who has deprived [me] of judgment, and the Almighty, who afflicted my soul,
3 that while my breath is in me and the spirit of God in my nostrils,
4 my mouth shall not tell a lie, and my tongue shall not utter a lie!
5 I am far from admitting you fair; Until I die, I will not yield to my integrity.
6 I held my truth tightly and I will not lower it; My heart shall not reproach me all my days.

7 My enemy will be like a wicked one, and rebelling against me like a wicked one.
eight For what hope is the hypocrite when he will take, when God will cast away his soul?
nine Will God hear his cry when trouble comes upon him?
ten Will he be comforted by the Almighty and call on God at all times?

eleven I will declare to you that in the hand of God; that of the Almighty, I will not hide.
12 Now, you all saw it yourself; and why do you talk so much?
13 This is the share of the wicked man from God, and the inheritance that oppressors receive from the Almighty.
fourteen If his sons are multiplied, then under the sword; and his descendants shall not be satisfied with bread.
fifteen Death will bring the rest of it to the grave, and their widows will not cry.
16 If he picks up heaps of silver as dust, and prepares robes like shaving,
17 then he will prepare, and the righteous will dress, and the silver will receive immaculate share.
18 He builds his house like a moth and, like a watchman, makes himself a hut;
19 goes to bed a rich man and so does not get up; opens his eyes, and he is no longer the same.
20 Like water, horrors will befall him; in the night the storm will abduct him.
21 The east wind will lift it and carry it, and it will quickly run away from it.
22 He will rush at him and not spare, no matter how he tries to run away from his hand.
23 They will clap their hands about him and light him over him from his place!

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