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Job 34

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1 And Elijah went on and said:
2 Listen, wise ones, to my speech, and bow my ear to me, judicious ones!
3 For the ear parses the words, as the larynx discerns the taste in food.
4 We establish reasoning among ourselves and recognize what is good.
5 Now, Job said: I am right, but God has deprived me of judgment.
6 Should I lie to my truth? My wound is incurable without fault.
7 Is there a man like Job who drinks mockery like water,
eight enters into a community with those who practice lawlessness and walks with wicked people?
nine Because he said: there is no benefit to man in the pleasing of God.

ten So listen to me, wise men! God cannot be wrong or the Almighty does justice
eleven for he deals with him according to the works of man, and repays him according to the ways of the husband.
12 Verily, God does not do untruths and the Almighty does not pervert judgment.
13 Who, besides Him, trades on the earth? And who rules the whole universe?
fourteen If He would turn His heart to Him and take His spirit and His breath to Him, -
fifteen suddenly all flesh would perish, and man would return to dust.

16 So, if you have intelligence, then listen to this and listen to my words.
17 Can a hater of truth rule? And can you blame the All-Righteous?
18 Is it possible to tell the king: you are a wicked man, and to the princes: you are a wicked one?
19 But He does not look at the faces of princes and does not prefer the rich to the poor, because they are all the work of His hands.
20 Suddenly they die; in the middle of the night the people will be indignant, and they will disappear; and the strong are not driven out by force.
21 For his eyes are on the ways of man, and he sees all his steps.
22 There is no darkness, no shadow of death, where those who work iniquity might take refuge.
23 Therefore, He no longer requires man to go to judgment with God.
24 He crushes the strong without research and puts others in their place;
25 because He makes known their deeds and deposes them at night, and they are destroyed.
26 He hits them like lawless people in front of the eyes of others,
27 because they turned away from Him and did not understand all His ways,
28 so the cry of the poor came to him, and he heard the lament of the oppressed.
29th Does He grant silence, who can rebel? Does He hide His face, who can see Him? Will it be for the people, or for one person,
thirty lest the hypocrite reign over the temptation of the people.

31 To God must say: I suffered, I will no longer sin.
32 And what I do not know, You teach me; and if I have done lawlessness, I will no longer.
33 According to your [reasoning], He must repay? And as you reject, you should choose, not me; say you know.
34 Reasonable people will tell me, and a wise husband listening to me:
35 Job does not speak cleverly, and his words are not meaningful.
36 I would like Job to be fully tested, according to his answers, characteristic of wicked people.
37 Otherwise, he will add retreat to his sin, will applaud between us and will speak even more against God.

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