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Job 4

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1 And Eliphaz the Temman answered and said:
2 [if] we try to [say] a word to you, will it not be difficult for you? However, who can ban the word!
3 Now, you have instructed many and supported your drooping hands,
4 your words restored the one who fell, and you strengthened your bending knees.
5 And now it has come to you, and you are exhausted; touched you, and you lost heart.
6 Should not your fear of God be your hope, and the integrity of your ways - your hope?

7 Remember, did any innocent perish, and where were the righteous uprooted?
eight As I have seen, screaming wickedness and sowing evil reap it;
nine from the breath of God they perish, and from the spirit of His wrath they disappear.
ten The roar of a lion and the voice of a roaring [trails off], and the teeth of the skymns lament;
eleven the mighty lion dies without prey, and the children of the lioness disperse.

12 And so, a word was secretly brought to me, and my ear received something from it.
13 Among the thoughts of night visions, when a dream finds on people,
fourteen horror and awe seized me and shook all my bones.
fifteen And the spirit passed over me; the hair on me stood on end.
16 He became - but I did not recognize his appearance - only the appearance was before my eyes; quiet movement - and I hear a voice:
17 Is a man more righteous than God? and is the husband cleaner than his Creator?
18 Now, He does not trust His servants, and in His Angels he sees shortcomings:
19 all the more so in the inhabitants of temples made of gravel, whose foundation is dust, which are most likely destroyed by moths.
20 Between morning and evening they break up; you won’t see how they completely disappear.
21 Do not their virtues perish with them? They die without wisdom.

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