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Job 40

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one (39-31) And the Lord continued and said to Job:
2 (39-32) Will the contestant with the Almighty still teach? Whoever convicts God, let him answer him.
3 (39-33) And Job answered the Lord and said:
4 (39-34) behold, I am worthless; what will I answer you? I put my hand on my mouth.
5 (39-35) Once I said - now I will not answer, even twice, but I will not.

6 (40-1) And the Lord answered Job from the storm, and said:
7 (40-2) you will sing as your husband, your loins: I will ask you, and you explain to Me.
eight (40-3) Do you want to overthrow My judgment, accuse Me in order to justify yourself?
nine (40-4) Do you have a muscle like that of God? And can you thunder with a voice like He?
ten (40-5) Adorn yourself with greatness and glory, put on your splendor and splendor;
eleven (40-6) pour out the fury of your wrath, look at all that is proud and humble him;
12 (40-7) Look at all the arrogant and put them down, and crush the wicked in their places;
thirteen (40-8) burrowing them all into the earth, and covering their faces with darkness.
fourteen (40-9) Then I will admit that your right hand can save you.

fifteen (40-10) This is the hippo that I created, like you; he eats grass like an ox;
sixteen (40-11) behold, his strength in his loins and his strength in the muscles of his womb;
17 (40-12) turns his tail like a cedar; the veins on his hips are bound;
18 (40-13) his feet are like copper pipes; his bones are like iron rods;
19 (40-14) this is the height of God's ways; only His Creator can bring His sword to him;
twenty (40-15) the mountains bring him food, and there all the animals of the field play;
21 (40-16) he lies under shady trees, under the shelter of reeds and in swamps;
22 (40-17) shady trees cover it with their shadow; willows at streams surround him;
23 (40-18) behold, he drinks from the river and is in no hurry; remains calm, even if the Jordan rushed to his mouth.
24 (40-19) Will anyone take it in his eyes and pierce his nose with a hook?

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