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Joshua 17

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1 And the lot fell to the tribe of Manasseh, since he was the firstborn of Joseph. Mahir, the firstborn of Manasseh, the father of Gilead, who [was] brave in the war, went to Gilead and Bashan.
2 They inherited [the inheritance] of the other sons of Manasseh according to their families, and the sons of Abieser, and the sons of Helek, and the sons of Asriel, and the sons of Shechem, and the sons of Hefer, and the sons of Shemida. These are the children of Manasseh the son of Joseph, male, according to their families.
3 Salpaad, the son of Kheferov, the son of Gilead, the son of Makhirov, the son of Manasseh, did not have sons, but [only] a daughter. These are the names of his daughters: Mahla, Noah, Hogla, Milka, and Fierz.
4 They came to the priest Eleazar and to Joshua the son of Nun, and to the leaders, and said: The Lord commanded Moses to give us an inheritance between our brothers. And the inheritance was given to them, by the commandment of the Lord, between the brothers of their father.
5 And Manasseh fell ten plots, except for the land of Gilead and Bashan, which is beyond the Jordan;
6 for the daughters of Manasseh received the inheritance among his sons, and the land of Gilead went to the other sons of Manasseh.

7 The border of Manasseh goes from Asher to Mihmefaf, who is against Shechem; from here the limit goes right to the inhabitants of En-Tappuah.
eight The land of Tappuah went to Manasseh, and the [city] of Tappuah near the border of Manasseh to the sons of Ephraim.
nine From here the limit descends to the Cane stream, on the south side of the stream. These cities [belong to] Ephraim, [though they are] among the cities of Manasseh. The limit of Manasseh is on the north side of the stream and ends in the sea.
ten As to the south, then Ephraim, and what to the north, then Manassehino; the sea was their limit; they adjoined Asher from the north side and Issachar from the east.
eleven Issachar and Asher [belong to] Manasseh Beth San and its places, Ivleam and its places, the inhabitants of Dora and their places, the inhabitants of En-Dora and their places, the inhabitants of Faanach and their places, the inhabitants of Megiddon and the places that depend on him, and the third part of Nafef.
12 The sons of Manasseh could not expel [the inhabitants] of these cities, and the Canaanites remained to live in this land.
13 When the sons of Israel came into force, then they made the Canaanites tributaries, but they did not cast them out.

fourteen The sons of Joseph spoke to Jesus and said: why did you give me one lot and one lot for my inheritance, while I am crowded because the Lord blessed me so?
fifteen Jesus told them: if you are crowded, then go to the forests and there, in the land of the Ferezeys and Rephaim, clear yourself [a place] if Mount Ephraim is close to you.
16 The sons of Joseph said: the mountain will not remain for us, because all the Canaanites living in the valley have iron chariots, both those in Beth San and in the places that depend on him, and those in the Jezreel valley.
17 But Jesus said to the house of Joseph, Ephraim, and Manasseh: you are crowded and your strength is great; not one lot will you have:
18 and the mountain will be yours, and this forest; you will clear it, and it will be yours to the very end of it; for you will cast out the Canaanites, although they have iron chariots, and though they are strong.

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