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Malachi 1

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one The prophetic word of the Lord to Israel through Malachi.
2 I have loved you, says the Lord. And you say: `in what did you show love for us? - Is not brother Esau to Jacob? says the Lord; and yet I loved Jacob,
3 but Esau hated and delivered the mountains to his waste, and his possessions to the jackals of the desert.
4 If Edom says: “we are ravaged, but we will restore the ruined,” then the LORD of hosts says: they will build, and I will destroy, and they will call them the region of the wicked, the people that the Lord was angry with forever.
5 And your eyes will see this, and you will say: `The Lord was exalted over the borders of Israel! '

6 The son honors the father and the slave - his master; if I am a father, then where is the respect for Me? and if I am the Lord, then where is reverence for me? saith the LORD of hosts to you, priests who glorify my name. You say: `how do we dishonor your name? '
7 You bring My unclean bread to the altar, and say: `` how do we dishonor you? '' --To what you say: "the meal of the Lord is not worth respect."
eight And when you sacrifice the blind, is it not bad? or when you bring the lame and the sick, is it not bad? Bring it to your prince; will he be pleased with you and will he accept you favorably? says the Lord of hosts.
nine So pray to God to have mercy on us; and when this comes from your hands, can He graciously receive you? says the Lord of hosts.
ten It would be better if any of you would lock the doors so that they would not in vain hold fire on My altar. My favor is not with you, says the Lord of hosts, and the offering from your hands is not pleasing to me.
eleven For from the east of the sun to the west, my name will be great among the nations, and in every place they will bring incense to my name, a pure sacrifice; My name will be great among the nations, says the LORD of hosts.
12 And you blaspheme it with what you say: `The meal of the Lord is not worth respect, and the income from it is worthless food. '
thirteen Moreover, say: "that's how much work!" and neglect it, says the LORD of hosts, and bring stolen, lame and sick, and bring the same gift of bread of the same quality: can I take it from your hands with good pleasure? says the Lord.
fourteen Cursed is the deceitful one, who has an unspoiled male in the herd, and he made a vow, and sacrifices to the Lord what was damaged: for I am the great King, and my name is terrible among the nations.

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