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Proverbs 13

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1 A wise son [listens] to his father’s admonition, but a violent son does not listen to reproof.

2 From the fruit of the lips of [one's own] man tastes good, but the soul of criminals is evil.

3 He who preserves his mouth preserves his soul; and whoever opens his mouth wide is trouble.

4 The soul of the lazy wants, but in vain; and the soul of the diligent will be filled.

5 The righteous hates the false word, but the wicked shame and dishonor [himself].

6 Truth keeps the immaculate in the way, and wickedness destroys the sinner.

7 Another pretends to be rich, but he has nothing; another impersonates the poor, and he has a lot of wealth.

eight By his wealth, a person redeems life [his], but the poor do not hear the threat.

nine The light of the righteous merrily burns, but the lamp of the wicked fades away.

ten From arrogance comes contention, and among counselors - wisdom.

eleven Wealth from vanity is depleted, and the collector by labor multiplies it.

12 Hope, which does not come true for a long time, languishes the heart, and a fulfilled desire is [like] the tree of life.

13 He who neglects the word harms himself; but he who fears the commandment is given to him.

fourteen The doctrine of the wise is the source of life, moving away from the nets of death.

fifteen A good mind gives pleasure, the path of the lawless is cruel.

16 Every prudent acts with knowledge, and a fool displays flabbery.

17 A thin ambassador is in trouble, and a faithful messenger is salvation.

18 Poverty and shame on the denier of doctrine; but he who keeps the instruction will be honored.

19 A fulfilled desire is pleasing to the soul; but it is unbearable for fools to evade evil.

20 He who communicates with the wise will be wise, and he who is friends with the foolish will be corrupted.

21 Sinners are persecuted by evil, and the righteous are rewarded with good.

22 Good leaves inheritance [and] grandchildren, and the wealth of the sinner is saved for the righteous.

23 A lot of bread [happens] and in the field of the poor; but some die from the mess.

24 He who pities his rod hates his son; and he who loves, from childhood punishes him.

25 The righteous eats to satiety, and the womb of the lawless suffers deprivation.

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