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Psalm 111

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1 (110-1) ^^ Hallelujah. ^^ I will glorify [Thee], Lord, with all my heart in the council of the righteous and in the congregation.
2 (110-2) Great are the works of the Lord, longed for by all who love it.
3 (110-3) His work is glory and beauty, and His truth abides forever.
4 (110-4) He made his miracles memorable; the Lord is merciful and generous.
5 (110-5) He gives food to those who fear Him; always remembers His covenant.

6 (110-6) He showed the power of his work to his people, to give him the inheritance of the Gentiles.
7 (110-7) The works of His hands are truth and judgment; all His commandments are true
eight (110-8) firmly for ever and ever, based on truth and righteousness.
nine (110-9) He sent redemption to his people; He commanded forever his covenant. His name is holy and scary!
ten (110-10) The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord; the mind is faithful among all who obey [His commandments]. Praise be to him forever.

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