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Psalm 12

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1 (11-1) ^^ To the chief of the choir. On an eight string. Psalm of David. ^^ (11-2) Save, Lord, for the just has not become, for there are no faithful between the sons of men.
2 (11-3) Lies speak each to his neighbor; the mouth is flattering, they speak from the heart of the mock.
3 (11-4) The Lord will destroy all mouths flattering, tongue-telling,
4 (11-5) [those] who say: `We will overcome our tongue, our mouth is with us; Who is our master?
5 (11-6) For the sake of the suffering of the poor and the sigh of the poor, I will now rise, says the Lord, I will put in safety the one whom they want to catch.
6 (11-7) Words of the Lord - pure words, silver cleansed from the earth in the furnace, melted seven times.
7 (11-8) You, Lord, save them, keep from this generation forever.
eight (11-9) The wicked go everywhere when the worthless of the sons of men are exalted.

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