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Psalm 30

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1 (29-1) ^^ Psalm of David; song when renovating the house. ^^ (29-2) I will exalt thee, Lord, that you have lifted me up and did not allow my enemies to triumph over me.
2 (29-3) Lord, my God! I appealed to You, and You healed me.
3 (29-4) Lord! You brought my soul out of hell and revived me so that I would not descend to the grave.
4 (29-5) Sing to the Lord, His saints, praise the memory of His holiness,
5 (29-6) for for a moment His anger, His good pleasure [throughout] life: in the evening weeping is set, and in the morning joy.

6 (29-7) And I said in my prosperity: `` I will not hesitate forever. ''
7 (29-8) By thy good pleasure, Lord, thou hast strengthened my mount; but You hid Your face, [and] I was embarrassed.
eight (29-9) [Then] to you, Lord, I cried out, and I implored the Lord:
nine (29-10) `What is the use of my blood when I go down to the grave? Will the dust glorify you? will he declare thy truth?
ten (29-11) hear, Lord, and have mercy on me; Lord be my helper. '
eleven (29-12) And you turned my complaint into jubilation, removed sackcloth from me, and girded me with joy,
12 (29-13) May my soul glorify you, and may it not fall silent. Oh my God! I will praise you forever.

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