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Psalm 50

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1 (49-1) ^^ Psalm of Asaph. ^^ God of the Gods, the Lord spoke and calls the earth, from sunrise to west.
2 (49-2) From Zion, which is the height of beauty, is God,
3 (49-3) Our God is coming, and not in silence: before him there is a consuming fire, and there is a great storm around him.
4 (49-4) He calls from above heaven and earth to judge his people:
5 (49-5) `gather unto me my saints who have entered into a covenant with me with a sacrifice. '
6 (49-6) And heaven will proclaim His righteousness, for this judge is God.

7 (49-7) `Listen, My people, I will speak; Israel! I will testify against you: I am God, your God.
eight (49-8) Not for your sacrifices I will rebuke you; thy burnt offerings are always before me;
nine (49-9) I will not receive a calf from your house, nor goats from your yards,
ten (49-10) for mine are all animals in the forest, and cattle on a thousand mountains,
eleven (49-11) I know all the birds in the mountains, and the animals in the fields before Me.
12 (49-12) If I were hungry, I would not have told you, for My universe and everything that fills it.
13 (49-13) Do I eat the meat of oxen and drink the blood of goats?
fourteen (49-14) Sacrifice praise to God and give your vows to the Almighty,
fifteen (49-15) and call Me on the day of tribulation; I will deliver you, and you will glorify Me. ”

16 (49-16) But the sinner says God: `` that you preach my statutes and take my covenant in your mouth,
17 (49-17) But do you hate My instruction and throw My words for yourself?
18 (49-18) when you see a thief, you converge with him, and you communicate with adulterers;
19 (49-19) You open your mouth to slander, and your tongue weaves insidiousness;
20 (49-20) you sit and speak on your brother; you slander your mother’s son;
21 (49-21) you did it, and I was silent; you thought that I am just like you. I will convict you and present before your eyes [your sins].
22 (49-22) Understand this, forgetting God, that I may not delight, - and there will be no deliverer.
23 (49-23) He who sacrifices praise honors Me, and he who watches his own way, to this I will manifest the salvation of God. '

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