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Psalm 52

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one (51-1) ^^ To the chief of the choir. The Doctrine of David, (51-2) after Doick the Edomite came and told Saul and told him that David had come to the house of Ahimelech. (51-3) What boast of villainy, mighty? God's mercy is always [with me;] ^^
2 (51-4) doom invents your tongue; like a sophisticated razor, he [y] [you], insidious!
3 (51-5) you love evil more than good, more lie than tell the truth;
4 (51-6) you love all sorts of fatal speeches, the language is insidious:
5 (51-7) For this, God will crush you completely, will scourge you, and cast you out of your dwelling and your root out of the living land.

6 (51-8) The righteous will see and fear, they will laugh at him [and say]:
7 (51-9) `here is a man who, not in God, laid down his fortress, but hoped for his wealth, was strengthened in his wickedness. '
8 (51-10) But I, like a green olive, in the house of God, and I trust in the mercy of God forever and ever,
nine (51-11) I will forever glorify you for what you have done, and trust in your name, for it is good before your saints.

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