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Psalm 58

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one (57-1) ^^ To the chief of the choir. Do not destroy. Scripture of David. ^^ (57-2) Do you, judges, truly speak the truth and judge rightly, sons of men?
2 (57-3) You compose lawlessness in your heart, and put on the scales of the atrocities of your hands on the earth.
3 (57-4) From birth, the wicked retreated, from the womb [of the mother] they are mistaken in telling a lie.
4 (57-5) Their poison is like the poison of a snake, like a deaf asp, which plugs its ears
5 (57-6) and does not hear the voice of the caster, the most skilled in spells.

6 (57-7) God! crush their teeth in their mouths; smash the lions jaws, Lord!
7 (57-8) Yes, they will disappear like water flowing; when the arrows are strained, let them be broken.
eight (57-9) Yes, they will disappear like a blooming snail; may they not see the sun, like a woman's miscarriage.
nine (57-10) Before your cauldrons feel a burning thorn, and let a whirlwind blow fresh and charred.
ten (57-11) The righteous will rejoice when he sees vengeance; He shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked.
eleven (57-12) And the man will say: `Truly is the fruit of the righteous! so there is God judging on earth! '

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