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Psalm 60

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1 (59-1) ^^ To the chief of the choir. On the [musical instrument] Shushan-Eduf. David's Scripture for study, (59-2) when he fought with Syria of Mesopotamia and with Syria of Tsovanskoy, and when Joab, returning, defeated twelve thousand Edomites in the Salt Valley. (59-3) God! You have rejected us, You have crushed us, You have become angry: turn to us. ^^
2 (59-4) You shook the earth, broke it: heal its damage, for it is hesitating.
3 (59-5) You let your people experience cruelty, gave us wine of amazement.
4 (59-6) Grant the banner to those who fear Thee, so that they may raise it for the truth,
5 (59-7) that thy beloved will be delivered; save thy right hand and hear me.

6 (59-8) God said in His sanctuary: `I will triumph, I will divide Shechem and the valley of Succoth in size:
7 (59-9) My Gilead, My Manasseh, Ephraim the fortress of my head, Judah my scepter,
eight (59-10) Moab My washing bowl; I will stretch out My boot on Edom. Shout out to me, the land of the Philistines! '
nine (59-11) Who will bring me to the fortified city? Who will bring me to Edom?
ten (59-12) Weren't you, God, [Who] rejected us, and you do not go out, God, with our troops?
eleven (59-13) Give us help in cramped conditions, for human protection is vain.
12 (59-14) With God we will exert strength; He will put down our enemies.

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