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Psalm 64

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one (63-1) ^^ To the chief of the choir. Psalm of David. ^^ (63-2) Hear, God, my voice in my prayer, save my life from the fear of the enemy;
2 (63-3) protect me from the plan of the treacherous, from the rebellion of the villains,
3 (63-4) who have sharpened their tongue like a sword; strained your bow - a stinging word,
4 (63-5) to secretly shoot at the immaculate; they suddenly shoot him and are not afraid.
5 (63-6) They established themselves in an evil intention, consulted to hide the network, said: who will see them?
6 (63-7) They seek out untruth; they do investigation after investigation even to the inner life of man and to the depths of his heart.

7 (63-8) But God will strike them with an arrow: suddenly they will be wounded;
eight (63-9) with their tongue they will smite themselves; all who see them will depart [from them].
nine (63-10) And all men will be afraid, and will proclaim the work of God, and they will understand that it is His work.
ten (63-11) But the righteous will rejoice in the Lord and trust in Him; and all the right will boast in their hearts.

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