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Psalm 73

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1 (72-1) ^^ Psalm of Asaph. ^^ How good is God to Israel, to a pure heart!
2 (72-2) And I - my feet almost staggered, my feet almost slipped -
3 (72-3) I envied the mad, seeing the welfare of the wicked,
4 (72-4) for they have no suffering until their death, and their strength is strong;
5 (72-5) in the work of man they are not, and with [other] people are not subjected to blows.
6 (72-6) Therefore pride, like a necklace, overlaid them, and insolence [like] an outfit dresses them;
7 (72-7) their eyes rolled out from fat, thoughts in the heart roam;
eight (72-8) they mock everything, viciously disclose slander, speak down;
nine (72-9) raise their mouth to heaven, and their tongue paces the earth.
ten (72-10) Therefore his people go there, and they drink water in a full bowl,
eleven (72-11) and they say: `How does God know? and does the Highest have knowledge? '
12 (72-12) And now, these wicked ones prosper in this age, increase wealth.
13 (72-13) was it not in vain that I cleaned my heart and washed my hands in innocence,
fourteen (72-14) and subjected himself to wounds every day and convictions every morning?

fifteen (72-15) [But] if I said: 'I will reason like this,' that I would be guilty before the line of Your sons.
16 (72-16) And I thought how to enlighten it, but it was difficult in my eyes,
17 (72-17) until I went into the sanctuary of God and enlightened their end.
18 (72-18) So! on slippery slopes You set them up and cast them into the abyss.
19 (72-19) How inadvertently they came to ruin, disappeared, perished from horrors!
20 (72-20) Like a dream upon awakening, so Lord, having awakened [them], you will destroy their dreams.

21 (72-21) When my heart was boiling, and my inside was tormented,
22 (72-22) then I was ignorant and did not understand; I was like cattle before you.
23 (72-23) But I am always with You: You hold me by the right hand;
24 (72-24) You lead me with Thy counsel, and then you will receive me in glory.
25 (72-25) Who am I in heaven? and with you I do not want anything on earth.
26 (72-26) My flesh and my heart are exhausted: God is the rock of my heart and my portion forever.
27 (72-27) For behold, those who remove themselves from you perish; You exterminate all those who depart from You.
28 (72-28) But it’s good for me to draw near to God! I have laid my trust in the Lord God, to proclaim all thy works.

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