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Zachariah 9

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1 The prophetic word of the Lord on the land of Hadrah, and on Damascus it will stop, - for the eye of the Lord on all people, as on all the tribes of Israel, -
2 and to Hamath, adjacent to him, to Tire and Sidon, for he had very much wisdom.
3 And Tyr made himself a fortress, he accumulated silver as dust, and gold as street dirt.
4 Now, the Lord will make him poor and strike his power in the sea, and he himself will be destroyed by fire.
5 Ascalon will see this and be horrified, and Gaza, and trembles strongly, and Ekron; for his hope shall be put to shame: there will be no king in Gaza, and Ascalon will be uninhabited.
6 An alien tribe will live in Nitrogen, and I will destroy the arrogance of the Philistines.
7 I will pluck the blood out of his mouth and his abomination out of his teeth, and he will go to our God, and he will be like a thousand captain in Judah, and Ekron will be like Jebusy.
eight And I will set the camp at My house against the army, against those going back and forth, and the oppressor will no longer pass, for now with My eyes I will look at it.

nine Jubilant with joy, daughter of Zion, triumph, daughter of Jerusalem: behold your king is coming to you, righteous and saving, meek, sitting on a donkey and on a young donkey, subjugating son.
ten Then I will destroy the chariots of Ephraim and the horses in Jerusalem, and the bow will be crushed; and He will proclaim peace to the nations, and His dominion will be from sea to sea and from the river to the ends of the earth.
eleven And as for you, for the sake of the blood of your covenant I will free your prisoners from the ditch in which there is no water.

12 Return to the stronghold you, captives hoping! What I proclaim now, I will pay you double.
13 For like a bow I will pull Judah unto Myself and fill the bow with Ephraim, and I will raise up your sons Zion against your sons, Jonah, and I will make you the sword of a warrior.
fourteen And the Lord will appear above them, and like lightning his arrow will fly out, and the Lord God will thunder with a pipe, and will march in the midday storms.
fifteen The Lord of hosts will protect them, and they will destroy and trample the sling stones, and they will drink and make noise as if from wine, and will be filled like sacrificial cups, like the corners of an altar.
16 And the Lord their God will save them that day, like sheep, his people; for, like stones in a crown, they will shine on his land.
17 Oh, how great is his goodness and what is his beauty! Bread animates the language of young men and wine - of the ladies!

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