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Funny sms, sms congratulations, sms jokes [page 4]

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What is the difference between men's and women's pants? In the men thrust their legs, and in the women's hands!

My stomach hurts, So someone lives there. If it's not worms, So you did it. You will send such a guy ... and he will be in shock ... you do not pump ... Smile happy ))

Take it in your hands. Touch your lips, it is hard as a stone, taste it, and squeeze your naked cheek, my favorite glass with a bug!

I went to the police station. They took me and started the case. The reason "Too beautiful". They have all the evidence on their hands! I'm confused. Pomogii !!!!!

If you read my SMS right now, then you embrace me. If you destroyed it, you kissed me. If you saved, then invited me to a date. If you sent it to me, I did all of the above. If you ignored it, then you are mine! So what will you do with my sms ???? Smile happy

In the morning I do not have breakfast, because. thinking of you. In the afternoon I do not have dinner, I think about you. In the evening I do not have dinner, I think about you. I do not sleep at night-I want to eat! Smile happy

Where are you this night? Where are you when I need you so much? Where are you when I want to feel you, your tender touch on your naked body? E-my, where are you, my fucking pajamas ?!

I see you in the distance, I see and close. I watch you naked while you're lying here. I see you in a dream every night! Gently I embrace you! Oh, my pillow, as I adore you!

Have you ever thought about why in childhood boys lick their lips, and girls suck fingers !?

A drop of nicotine kills a horse, and a drop of heroin makes her scratch her nose with a hoof!

Love for money is called prostitution, and friendship for money is business!

If the rubber woman is turned inside out, you get a rubber guy!

Love begins with an ideal, and ends with a blanket!

Love for money is called prostitution, and friendship for money is business!

How old is your tomboy? Sixteen? Yes, it's too late to do abortion!

Friend's advice - Do not drink too hot tea - the bladder will burst - your legs will burn!

Advice to a friend from a friend - if rape is unavoidable - relax and rape!

Most women are not so smart, and not so ... women!