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Funny sms, sms congratulations, sms jokes [page 9]

Probably, you were so happy that you have money, that you decided to drink a bottle of beer about it. A beer without vodka - money to the wind. Now you're lying under the fence. Tell the coordinates of the fence, - I'll pick you up. (Name)

I'm standing here alone. I miss and freeze. So many years I served you faithfully, and you did not even take me with you to the office. Your car

Sasha, you're full of Vasin. If you do not call back, I will enter into sexual intercourse unnaturally. Come on. Your (Name)

My favorite Moussyaka devote poetry (read with an expression)! Meow meow. Meow Meow Meow, Meow Meow Meow Meow. Your Cat

Forget all your cavaliers, because you have me - your mobile phone with a vibration

If the fly cut off the wings, if the legs cut off the fly, our fly will die of boredom, because it can not fly. So, I'm dying when you are not around

Having opened this SMS, you activated the SEX-virus 2003! He has already crossed the phone on the arm and has you in the anus! Since you are smiling, it means you LIKE it!

You stroke and caress me, all my intimate places know me, I embrace you eroticly, I deliver you pleasure. I'm drowning in your foam, I call you a bastard!

They put me in something ... It hurts ... AAA .. For me this is the first time .... Come on ... Finally pulled ... I'm all in the blood ... God, how painful! .. Tear out tooth!

A girl with big (.) (.), Slender (Y) wants to get acquainted with a man with 8 =====, men with%, please do not worry.

Beeline informs: You have been sent a sweet magic dream! You can pick up the parcel in the bed of your lover! What kind of girl (guy) does not melt after such an SMS? :) ))))

Attention: new research by US scientists has shown that those people whose sexual life is a fig, a mobile phone is held in the right hand! And in what hand are you holding it?

I'm looking for something intimate! (Work NOT to offer) :) ))

And here is the theme: ........ prosnis 'Vorona, ty usralas' ....... Well, what is it like to receive at night, aa? :) )

Close your eyes and imagine how far away everything is, listen to the singing of birds, the noise of the river, the sun bakes our bare bodies .... and we dig the TITLE

By opening this SMS you activated the sex virus. He has already made his way through your anus. And you like it because you smile

I coded from masturbation for one day! EXPENSIVE!!! Tanya!

Know that every time poking into the mobile phone's key, you squeeze at least 1000 microbes to death ... Be merciful - remove the fingers from the buttons

I'm a little alien who has settled in your phone. Every time you press the buttons you touch me by the balls ..... and judging by the smile you like it

Dear Parasone! Your vehicle receives a cruiser message from the A-Ceton galaxy. Today at 00:00 on Gagarin Square, please signal the landing with three green rockets.