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Copper and brass objects are well cleaned with homemade paste of this composition: fine sawdust - 100 parts, pharmaceutical talcum powder 50 parts, bran flour - 150 elements - mixed and diluted with vinegar before the weight, resembling sour cream in thickness, is obtained. The resulting composition is applied to the surface, which must be pre-cleaned from the mud and fat. When the layer of the composition dries out, rub it on the surface with a dry cloth, until the object becomes mirror-like. You can use the composition: salt 25 grams and whey 1 cup. Saturated with a soft cloth with the mixture, rub it with the surface of a copper or brass object. Then wash the surface with water and wipe until a mirror shine with a dry cloth. Bronze from rust is cleaned in the following way: yellow peas are brewed, and it is rubbed until a viscous dough is obtained, and they stick a bronze thing in a still warm condition. After a few hours, at what time the pea dough will shrink, the bronze will be washed clean with boiling water and also wiped dry with a clean rag. All the rust and all the spots also go away.