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Protecting silver things from tarnishing

It is known that as if silver, as well as silvered things comparatively soon grow dim on the atmosphere and also get an ugly look. To eliminate such a tarnish, the following remedy is recommended: prepare a liquid solution of the collodium * also this silver-coated or silvered object is also smeared with a thin even layer; alcohol evaporates quickly and a thin, completely inconspicuous film of the collodium remains on the metal surface, perfectly protecting silver from tarnishing under the influence of the atmosphere or gases in it. As shown by experiments made in museums abroad, silver, covered with a thin layer of collodion, continuously retains its paint, gloss is also polished. If necessary, this thin protective layer can easily be removed with hot water.

* Collodium (collodium) - 4% solution of nitrocellulose in a mixture of alcohol and ether (1: 7). Colorless syrupy liquid.