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The most expensive foreign coins in the world

Самые дорогие иностранные монеты мира

Coin (lat. Moneta) - a banknote made of metal or other material of a certain shape, weight and dignity. In addition to high-grade coins, exchange, collection, commemorative and investment coins are issued. Most often, coins are made of metal by minting and have the shape of a regular circle.

We all know that there are expensive, and even very expensive coins of the world, but few people realize how much the most expensive ones actually cost. You can be a millionaire with a single coin in your pocket, especially if this coin is one of the following - the most expensive in the world .

Double eagle

Двойной орел - Самые дорогие иностранные монеты мира
The 1933 Double Eagle sold for $ 7,900,000.

This species is the most expensive in the world, because it costs as much as 7.9 million dollars . Of course, it is gold, but it was released not so long ago - in the 30s of the last century, and with a value of only $ 20.

Nevertheless, it is really unique, because in the thirties the United States abandoned the gold standard, which is why all types of precious metal were withdrawn from circulation. "Double Eagles" also followed for re-melting, but not all. Only a dozen copies, released in the spring of 1933, someone brazenly stole from the storehouse of the Ministry of Finance. The American special services worked almost perfectly - they found and returned nine of them, but one disappeared without a trace.

It was found almost half a century later - from the British millionaire collector Stephen Fenton, who bought a rarity in London. He had the recklessness to come with her to New York, where he was arrested. Possessing a precious rarity cost him five years of lawsuits with an unyielding American government. By the way, the judicial verdict is original: the copy is still considered the property of the United States, although at the same time the Englishman can sell it by putting the money in his own pocket.

Loose hair

Распущенные Волосы - Самые дорогие иностранные монеты мира
"Loose hair" at the auction went for $ 7.85 million

The second most expensive is the Loose Hair dollar coin. It was struck back in 1794 from pure silver and was last sold for $ 7.85 million . In general, the Loose Hair series of 1794 has long been considered one of the most valuable in the United States and the world. It is noteworthy that its sale was carried out through a formal transaction between the association Rare Coin Wholesalers of Irvine and the Cardinal Collection Education Foundation.

Florin Edward III

Флорин Эдварда III - Самые дорогие иностранные монеты мира
The 1343 coin of Edward III was sold for $ 6,800,000

The rare Edward III is already a truly ancient representative. Such golden double florins were in circulation in 1343-44. It is also known as the “Double Leopard” with a nominal value of 6 shillings. But here they sold it for the last time at Spink auction for a fantastic $ 6.8 million . It is worth noting that this Edward III is one of three such representatives, minted in 1343.

Liberty Head V

Liberty Head V - Самые дорогие иностранные монеты мира
5 cents of 1913 "gave" to the collector for $ 4150000

Only 5 cents, and $ 4,150,000 managed to bail out for them - a good deal, right? Probably, a simple resident of the city of Merrimack thought that in the state of New Hampshire, he sold his five-cent coin. And the thing is that she is one of the five surviving Liberty Head "V", minted in 1913. Like this.

Legend Numismatics, which is based in New Jersey, is currently the owner.

Pentecostals, which depict the head of the Statue of Liberty, were produced in the USA between 1883-1912. In 1913, the face of the monument was replaced by the heads of the Indians, but another five varieties of Liberty Head were minted almost illegally, which almost immediately became a huge numismatic rarity and incredible value, at a cost not inferior to a diamond mine.

Small Silver Dollar I Class

Маленький Серебряный Доллар - Самые дорогие иностранные монеты мира
The cost of the Small Silver Dollar of 1834 is $ 4,140,000

And again, the American representative, but what can you do if in this country the financial system was treated so carelessly that they managed to spawn a whole bunch of artifacts and rarities. We are talking about the “Little Silver Dollar” of 1834 coinage.

In general, there are only 8 left of such representatives of this type in 34 years. But this one is also unique in that it was minted like a jubilee, especially for the King of Siam, the great numismatist, even bore the nickname “King of coins”. The last time this coin was sold to an unknown private collector for $ 4,140,000 . It is worth noting that the same person at the same time acquired the rest of the collection of the late king with such an original hobby as for his profession.

Brasher Doubloon

Дублон Брашера - Самые дорогие иностранные монеты мира
Sold for $ 7,400,000

Brasher doubloon - this is the name of the coin minted by the jeweler Ephraim Brasher, with the initials "EB" on the eagle's chest. It was sold for $ 7.4 million. The coin contains 1 gram of pure gold.

Silver Dollar from the Qwilleran Family Collection

Серебряный доллар из коллекции семьи Квиллеров - Самые дорогие иностранные монеты мира
Sold for $ 3,737,500

The silver dollar from the Qwilleran family collection was sold for $ 3,737,500. Interestingly, the coin was not minted in 1804, but in 1834, simply after the model of the earlier Silver Dollar.

Super Relief Double-headed Eagle

Cупер-рельефный Двуглавый Орел - Самые дорогие иностранные монеты мира
Sold for $ 2,990,000

Another Two-Headed Eagle. This time "super-embossed." $ 2,990,000. The rarity of the Two-Headed Eagles is that they were never put into circulation due to changes made to the currency legislation during the Great Depression.

Silver Dollar Class III

Серебряный Доллар III класса - Самые дорогие иностранные монеты мира
Sold for $ 2,990,000 <

Silver Dollar III class. $ 2,300,000. During the minting of silver dollars, the coins were divided into "classes", and there are only 15 of these coins, eight of which are of the I Class, (minted in 1834), one coin of the II class and six III class (minted between 1858 and 1860 )

Eagle with indian head

Орел с головой индейца - Самые дорогие иностранные монеты мира
Sold for $ 2,185,000

An eagle with an Indian head. The coin sold for $ 2,185,000. Since 1907, 10 dollars with the image of an Indian began to be issued. The new coin design was developed by personal order of the 26th US President Theodore Roosevelt by the famous American sculptor Augustus Saint-Godens.

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This is what the five most expensive coins of the world look like today. But some of them have not changed owners for a long time, so in the very near future new records can be expected. It is also worth noting that the price of some exceeded one million dollars, not so few - there are dozens of them, and it is becoming more and more due to new finds and successful resales.

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