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Attention! diet harms your health

There are other reasons why it is better to stop trying to lose weight with a diet. Constant dieting leads to inadequate nutrition. It is unhealthy. “Weight loss, without any doubt, can be just as harmful as overweight, accompanied by an impressive number of possible dangerous consequences,” consider researchers in the field of digestive disorders Janet Polivi, Ph.D., and Linda Thomsen. Although overweight can lead to serious health problems in a number of people, primarily those with elevated blood pressure and diabetics, there is evidence that overwhelming danger is exaggerated for most people. Indeed, a number of researchers believe that moderate fullness of up to 25 percent over standard weight does not affect health.
There is also evidence that diet, especially very low-calorie or with complex vagaries, can cause many disorders, including gallstone formation, headaches, nausea, muscle pain, fatigue, anemia, worsening of heart activity, and even in rare cases, death. You may experience fatigue and a deterioration in your ability to concentrate, even with a balanced diet. Studies, including Framingham's famous work on cardiac activity, have shown that an abnormal diet, “stupid” in medical jargon, can cause fat to accumulate mainly in the abdomen, which is associated with the progression of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. .