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wheat grass creeping

Agropyrum repens (L.) Pal. - Beaw.

Пырей ползучий Пырей ползучий

Botanical characteristics. Cereal family. Perennial herb 60–120 cm tall. The wheatgrass has a very long creeping rhizome, from which numerous fine roots depart. The stem is straight. The leaves are long, linear, alternate, light and dark green. Greenish flowers are located on the top of the stem and are collected in inflorescence - a complex spike. It blooms in June – July, the seeds ripen in August – September.

Spread. Hard weed It is found throughout Russia.

Used plant parts. Wheatgrass roots and grass.
Essential oil (0.05%) was isolated from rhizomes with shoots, which includes carbon agropyrene, mucous substances (up to 10%), polysaccharide substance trititsin, inulin, inositol, fructose, levulose, nitrogen-containing rubber-like substance (up to 1%).

Application. In scientific medicine, wheatgrass rhizomes are used as a regulating salt metabolism, enveloping, expectorant, diaphoretic, laxative, diuretic, and blood-purifying agents, and also as the basis of pills.
Traditional medicine recommends the rhizomes and juice of fresh leaves with ARVI, with bronchitis and pneumonia. Pyrey is a good remedy for diseases associated with impaired salt metabolism: urolithiasis and gallstone diseases, metabolic arthritis and osteochondrosis. In addition, it is prescribed for dropsy, urethritis and cystitis, with liver diseases.
Creeping wheatgrass drugs quickly cure furunculosis, help with juvenile acne and other skin diseases.
In case of skin diseases, diathesis, rickets, hemorrhoids, wheatgrass baths are shown (treatment course 10–15 baths).
Wheatgrass grass is eaten by cats and dogs. It has antihelminthic effect.

Cooking 2 tablespoons of the root in the evening pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, insist in a thermos. The next day, drink the infusion for 3 times for 20-40 minutes before meals in the form of heat.
Powder grass juice made from freshly prepared grass is drunk for 3-4 months, 1 / 2–1 glass 3-4 times a day for 20-40 minutes before meals.
For baths: 150.0 g of rhizomes are boiled in 5 liters of water, cold water is added and poured into a bath - for dilution up to 37 ° C.