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3 Kings 4

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one And king Solomon was king over all Israel.
2 And here are the rulers who [were] with him: Azariah, son of Zadok the priest;
3 Elihoref and Ahijah, the sons of Siba, scribes; Jehoshaphat, son of Ahiloud, recorder;
4 Benaiah, the son of Jehoiada, commander; Zadok and Aviathar are priests;
5 Azariah, son of Nathan, the chief over the bailiffs, and Zauf, son of Nathan the priest, a friend of the king;
6 Ahisar is the ruler over the house [of the king], and Adoniram, the son of Avda, is over taxes.
7 And Solomon had twelve commanders over all Israel, and they delivered food to the king and his house; each had to deliver food for one month a year.
eight Here are their names: Ben-Hur - on Mount Ephraim;
nine Ben-Decker - in Makats and in Shaalbim, in Bethsamis and in Elon and in Beth Hanan;
ten Ben Hesed - in Arubof; to him belonged Soko and all the land of Hefer;
eleven Ben Avinadav - [over] all Nafaf-Dor; Tafaf, the daughter of Solomon, was his wife;
12 Vahana, the son of Achiloud, in Faanach and Megiddo and throughout Beth-san, which is near Cartan below Jezreel, from Beth-san to Abel-Mehol, and even beyond Yokmeam;
thirteen Ben-Gever - in Ramoth of Gilead; he had the villages of Jairus the son of Manasseh in Gilead; he also has the Argov region in Vasan, sixty large cities with walls and copper gates;
fourteen Ahinadav, the son of Giddo, in Mahanaim;
fifteen Ahimaas - in the [land] of Naphtali; he took Vasemath the daughter of Solomon as his wife;
sixteen Baanah the son of Hushai in the [land] of Ashirov and in Baaloth;
17 Jehoshaphat the son of Paruah, in the [land] of Issachar;
18 Shimei, son of Elah, in the [land] of Benjamin;
19 Gever, the son of Urius, in the land of Gilead, in the land of Sihon, king of the Amorites, and Og, king of Bashan. He was a master in this land.

twenty Judah and Israel, numerous as sand by the sea, ate, drank and had fun.
21 Solomon owned all the kingdoms from the river [Euphrates] to the land of the Philistines and to the borders of Egypt. They brought gifts and served Solomon all the days of his life.
22 Solomon's food for every day was: thirty cows of wheat flour and sixty cows of other flour,
23 ten oxen fattened and twenty oxen from the pasture, and a hundred sheep, except for deer, and chamois, and saigas, and fattened birds;
24 for he ruled over all the land on this side of the river, from Tipsakh to Gaza, over all the kings on this side of the river, and he had peace with all the neighboring countries.
25 And Judah and Israel lived quietly, each under his own vineyard and under his own fig tree, from Dan unto Bathsheba, all the days of Solomon.
26 And Solomon had forty thousand stalls for chariot horses and twelve thousand for cavalry.
27 And those bailiffs delivered to King Solomon all that belonged to the king’s table, each in his own month, and did not admit a lack of anything.
28 Both barley and straw for horses and for mules delivered each in turn to the place where the king was.

29th And God gave Solomon wisdom and a very great mind, and a vast mind, like sand on the seashore.
thirty And the wisdom of Solomon was higher than the wisdom of all the sons of the east and all the wisdom of the Egyptians.
31 He was wiser than all people, wiser than Efan the Ezrahityanin, and Eman, and Halkol, and Darda, the sons of Mahol, and his name was in glory among all the surrounding peoples.
32 And he uttered three thousand parables, and his song was a thousand and five;
33 and he spoke of trees, from the cedar in Lebanon, to the hyssop growing from the wall; He spoke of animals, and birds, and reptiles, and fish.
34 And they came from all nations to listen to the wisdom of Solomon, from all the kings of the earth who heard of his wisdom.

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