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Amos 5

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one Listen to this word in which I will raise weeping for you, the house of Israel.
2 Fell, the virgin of Israel does not rise again! cast down on her land, and no one to lift it.
3 For thus says the Lord God: a city that has spoken in a thousand will remain with only a hundred, and who has spoken in a hundred will remain with a dozen at the house of Israel.

4 For thus says the Lord to the house of Israel: seek me, and you shall live.
5 Do not seek Bethel and do not go to Gilgal, and do not wander to Bathsheba, for Gilgal will go all captive and Bethel will turn into nothing.
6 Seek the Lord, and you will be alive, so that He does not rush to the house of Joseph like the fire that will devour him, and no one will extinguish him at Bethel.
7 Oh, you, who turn the court into poison and plunge the truth to the earth!
eight Who created the seven-star and Orion, and makes the shadow of death on a clear morning, and makes the day dark as night, calls the waters of the sea and pours them on the face of the earth? - Lord be His name!
nine He strengthens the devastator against the strong, and the devastator enters the fortress.
ten But they hate the reproof at the gate and abhor those who tell the truth.
eleven So, because you trample on the poor and take gifts from him with bread, you will build houses from hewn stones, but you will not live in them; You will breed fine vineyards, but you will not drink wine from them.
12 For I know how numerous your crimes are and how serious your sins are: you are enemies of the right, take bribes and pervert the poor in court.
thirteen Therefore, the rational is silent at this time, for this evil time.
fourteen Seek good, not evil, so that you can stay alive - and then the Lord God of hosts will be with you, as you say.
fifteen Hate evil and love good, and restore justice at the gates; perhaps the Lord God of hosts will have mercy on the remnant of Joseph.

sixteen Therefore, thus says the Lord God of hosts, the Almighty: on all streets there will be weeping, and on all roads they will exclaim: `alas, alas! ', And they will call the farmer to complain and those skilled in deplorable songs - to cry,
17 and in all the vineyards there will be weeping, for I will pass among you, says the Lord.
18 Woe to those who desire the day of the Lord! Why do you need this day of the Lord? he is darkness, not light
19 the same as if someone had run away from the lion, and a bear would have come across him, or if he had come home and put his hand on the wall, and the snake would bite him.
twenty Is the day of the Lord not darkness, but light? he is darkness, and there is no radiance in him.

21 I hate, reject your holidays and do not smell the victims during your solemn gatherings.
22 If you offer me a burnt offering and a grain offering, I will not accept them and I will not contemplate the thanksgiving sacrifice of your fat bodies.
23 Take away from me the noise of your songs, for I will not listen to the sounds of your geese.
24 Let judgment flow like water, and truth - like a strong stream!
25 Have you offered me sacrifices and grain gifts in the wilderness for forty years, the house of Israel?
26 You wore the tabernacle of Molokhov and the star of your god Remphan, the images you made for yourself.
27 For this I will move you for Damascus, says the Lord; God of hosts is his name!

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